After four successful editions, it was time for the return of The Voice Kids on TF1 this October 12, 2018 in prime time. Facing coaches Jenifer, Amel Bent, Soprano and Patrick Fiori, a first group of children and teenagers, aged 7 to 15, tried to show the extent of their vocal talent.

The Voice Kids 5 broadcast of Friday, October 12, 2018.Inès (10 years)
Inès comes from Bordeaux, she is in CE2, and it is a sacred number! Chatty, bubbly, she admits she never misses an opportunity to go on stage. She has already sung about fifteen times before an audience, but never before her own father. "Singing at The Voice Kids is my dream," she says, before going on stage to the coaches.
From the first notes of Queen's Show Must Go on, Inès made a sensation with her confident voice. Amel Bent and Soprano, the newcomers, are the first to come forward. On the first chorus, Jenifer and Patrick Fiori also turn around. It's a solid cardboard for Inès who does not disassemble, far from it. Amel Bent sees her as a little Mariah Carey.
Inès chooses to join Soprano.

Nassim (15 years old)
The dream of Nassim, a young football fan OM, is to integrate The Voice Kids. The production makes him a little surprise by proposing to him to discover a video message of Florian Thauvin, the Champion of the world. He even leaves with a shirt of the team with the signatures of all the players. His family says that he really sings with his heart and it shows.
From the first notes of I'm leaving Vianney, the voice of Nassim seems to touch the coaches. Jenifer is particularly seduced. She buzze also the first! At the chorus, Amel Bent and Patrick Fiori join her, seduced by the pretty grain of voice of the young man. Jenifer does not want to let this talent slip away. Amel gives the young man a very touching speech after the performance.
Nassim chooses to join Amel Bent.

Mano (12 years old)
The young boy, 5th student in Limoges, is a UFO in the competition since he excels in the humorous song. He wishes to surprise the coaches with the service he is going to offer them tonight. "I like singing and at the same time doing drama, I like to joke and do little things," announces Mano. He would like coaches to laugh and dance.
On Oldelaf's Café, Mano is needed. Jenifer is very interested in this unexpected style. She wonders if there are not two people on stage. After many hesitations, at the end of the performance, she turns around followed by Patrick Fiori. Mano has made his bet! "It's a mini brassens," says Soprano.
Mano chooses to join Jenifer.

Maïssa (11 years old)
The girl knew she was participating in The Voice Kids 5 when Nikos sent her a message at her birthday party. "I like singing, dancing and I especially like challenges," she says. So, inevitably, when the host throws a "Cape or not cap to come singing on stage?", The girl does not disassemble even if she recognizes that she will need a little courage before to face the chairs of coaches.
From the first notes of My philosophy of Amel Bent, the main interested recognizes her hit … which touches her a lot! Even before the first chorus, the star turns around followed by Soprano. "You sing this song, you were not born when I sang it …", commented Amel before bursting into tears.
Maïssa chooses to join Amel Bent.

Ismaël (11 years old)
The young boy starts his performance without the viewers can see his face … We can easily imagine a girl. But no !
From the first notes of Etta James' At Last, Jenifer is almost sure to turn around. It validates 100% this choice of song! When the young boy's voice is over, Amel Bent and Soprano rush on their buzzer. Jenifer follows suit a few seconds later. At the very last second, Patrick Fiori completes the picture to the delight of Ismaël's loved ones. The battle promises to be terrible between the coaches! "You're a rocket," says Bent.
Ismaël chooses to join Amel Bent.

Stella (13 years old)
The young Corsican dream to do The Voice Kids since she was 8 years old. She was spotted by The Voice's director of castings during a singing contest. When he asked her if she wanted to participate in the show, the girl admits to having cried. She hopes that one of the coaches will tell her that she has a unique deep voice and that he will put her on his team. "I can not believe I'm here, it's like magic," she says.
From the first notes of Adele's When We Where Young, the coaches are seduced by the girl's deep voice. Jenifer and Soprano turn around after only a few seconds. Patrick Fiori follows later and Amel Bent appears at the end of the performance. She thought she was dealing with a young boy.
Stella chooses to join Jenifer.

Zoe (15 years old)
The girl, from Liège, Belgium, is a singer-songwriter. She bathes in music since her childhood, her father was singing Renaud to her when she was still in her mother's womb. His family is very proud of his creations. Tonight is her first TV, her first contest and she chose a song that is close to her heart.
From the first notes of Renaud's Pebble Merchant, Zoé seduces Patrick Fiori. Jenifer followed suit a few seconds later, followed by Amel Bent. Soprano is the last coach to come forward. Zoe's family is thrilled … The girl is very moved by what happens to her.
Zoé chooses to join Amel Bent.

Morgan (14 years old)
The boy begins his performance without the viewers can see.
It is on Change of Master Gims that he tries to seduce at least one of the coaches. Soprano and Jenifer are captivated by his voice, his style and his interpretation but do not buzz, Patrick Fiori finds he sings too early … But Soprano and Jenifer, aware of small defects, want it anyway and turn around. Amel Bent is the last coach to come forward. Jenifer and Soprano are a little unhappy to see that the competition is tough. "You have a beautiful voice," Jenifer said.
Morgan chooses to join Soprano.

Irma (12 years old)
The girl is very sure of herself, she says she does not get nervous. At home, we listen to a lot of jazz, this music makes her happy. "I would like to be a singer later, there is no other option," she says. She's going to think about her dad when she's on stage and hopes all the coaches will turn around. Good luck !
She picks up Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon. Patrick Fiori releases a "It's not possible" as the voice insurance of Irma is at the rendezvous. However, it is Soprano and Jenifer who turn first. "You have to see," Jen says to his comrades. Patrick Fiori then turns around, followed by Amel Bent. It's a solid box for Irma.
Irma chooses to join Patrick Fiori.

Team Summary
Jenifer: Mano, Stella
Amel Bent: Nassim, Maïssa, Ishmael, Zoe
Soprano: Inès, Morgan
Patrick Fiori: Irma
The Voice Kids 5 is every Friday at 21h on TF1.


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