«The Voice Kids»

«The Voice Kids»

For the sixth time Sat.1 showed next to the original also the kids offshoot, for the second time he had to prove himself on the hard Sunday night – and did this usually with flying colors.
“The Voice Kids” quota history S1: 3.67 million (12.2% / 19.6%) S2: 2.78 million (9.3% / 14.1%) S3: 2.64 million (8.8% / 13.6%) S4: 2.74 million (8.7% / 12.4%) S5: 2.67 million (7.9% / 11.9%) Average values ​​of the six (season 1) or eight episodes of each round. The first four seasons ran on Fridays at 20:15, the fifth on Sunday at the same airtime. As Sat 1 In 2013 «The Voice Kids» ► as an offshoot of his since two years terrific performing talent show «The Voice of Germany» ► It had been suggested that a broadcaster could try to overstate a big success with half-baked spin-offs – especially since “DSDS Kids” had tried to do something similar just a few months earlier, both in terms of content and content Quotable evil flopped. As you know, things turned out very differently, so the show continues to live today and even since last year, the king’s slot has been recorded on Sunday evening at 20:15. This was done in the past nine weeks, mostly very successful, only with the sing-offs just before the end, then broke. What was missing this year were big runaways up. The opening episode on February 11 was already the one with the highest scores, with 2.83 million viewers and 8.5 percent. The first of five blind auditions also came in at 1.44 million, with 12.3 percent in the adver- tising-relevant target group with the highest values ​​of the season. In the four weeks after that, it went downhill a little, but all in all, one scored primarily with considerable consistency: Between 2.45 and 2.71 million saw until mid-March, the associated market shares fluctuated only between 7.5 and 8.5 percent of the total audience, respectively between 11.1 and 12.6 percent of 14- to 49-year-olds. All in all, the blind auditions extended to five episodes for the first time came to an average audience of 2.63 million, which was a convincing 8.1 percent and even a very good 11.9 percent of the target audience. With the launch of the Battles, it seemed at first, as if you have to once again accept now with significantly reduced values, because with 7.3 percent at 2.38 million total viewers were once again set new season lows, while the 11.4 Percent at 1.24 million in the young audience were in second-to-last place. The second Battles edition then ran on the last March-Sunday with 8.0 and 12.4 percent at 2.55 million but again significantly more successful – and also quite on par with the blinds.
So far, the show was not just against the “Crime scene” ► but also against the VOX success show “Kitchen Impossible” ► have to prove why the always clearly above-average target group market shares are all the more impressive. It was therefore a small shock that the Sing-Offs marking the semi-final of the show suddenly dropped back to 2.05 million on April 8th and thus to a perpetual low, which went hand in hand with a rather mixed 6.7 per cent. In the target group, the million mark was missed for the first time ever in the six-year history in the face of 0.95 million, the associated market share of 9.4 percent was also just above the previous all-time low of 9.1 percent for the 2016 season finale It was not the competition, because it was tended to be more easily conquered by the omission of “Kitchen Impossible”. The finale, which ran on April 15, 2018, generated 2.17 million television viewers age three and 7.4 percent market share. For the people important for the advertising economy, the show booked 10.5 percent. The eight episodes, which aired for the first time at nine instead of the two since season two, averaged an audience of 2.45 million, which was by far the weakest coverage in the history of the show – to date this was reached in 2015 with 2.64 million 2.67 million were last seen. The related market share of 7.8 per cent, however, was at similar altitudes as in 2017 (7.9 per cent), which is primarily due to the fact that the consequences almost exclusively ran until after 11 pm this year, in the previous year on the other hand mostly “already” at 22:45 clock was over. In comparison with the station cut must be «The Voice Kids» ► certainly not hide, because Sat 1 On average, only 6.3 per cent of all television broadcasters have been on television since September. However, the values ​​in the advertising-relevant target group, which is traditionally particularly important for private broadcasters, fell even more pleasingly, with an average of 11.5 percent at 1.24 million. Thus, the format confirmed again the declining market share trend since the first season (see infobox), albeit only to a very small extent given hardly any better 11.9 percent in the previous year. Significantly more important: The Sat.1 seasonal average (8.3 percent) was exceeded by about three and a half percentage points. It would therefore be a great interest on the transmitter side to send the program to a seventh round.

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