The voices with Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen

Max Verstappen had already complained about the lack of reliability of his Honda engine after his failure last weekend.

“I think it definitely can’t get any worse than in Monza!” Said the Red Bull driver after he had to park his car on lap 30 due to an engine problem.

What the Dutchman couldn’t know a week ago: It got worse! Because in Mugello, the still striking engine ensured that it fell far behind shortly after the start, before it was pushed off the track by Kimi Raikkonen. The end overtook him in round one. The 22-year-old reacted accordingly annoyed. (DATA CENTER: The Formula 1 drivers’ standings).

At Ferrari, too, there is still a bad mood. Charles Leclerc (8th) and Sebastian Vettel (10th) landed in the points together for the first time in five races. But that had less to do with their own performance and more to do with the fact that seven of the 20 drivers who had started were eliminated in the course of the race.

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Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), 1st place:

“It was like three races in one day. This track is awesome, it was hot too. It was just incredibly tough today, especially the re-starts. It was very, very hard to stay fully focused every time. It wasn’t easy to keep Valtteri behind me. He was quick all weekend. And in the beginning I was behind him too. “

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), 2nd place:

“I’m disappointed. I had a great start to the race. Then I was able to hold my position. At the second start I lost it. But I’ll keep pushing. At some point it has to work for me.”

Alexander Albon (Red Bull), Platz 3:

“It was very good. It took a while before I was able to get onto the podium. It was hard, I had to work a lot. But I’m very happy, now I can take a deep breath. I expected the race itself to be even worse . In the high-speed corners, more adrenaline flowed through my body than anything else. I had most of the overtaking maneuvers on the long straight. It’s just fun to drive here. “

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), 8th place:

“We were just too slow, it wasn’t much more. We didn’t have the pace. I had a good start and put myself in the best possible position. The two Mercedes drove away, so I had free air. But I had to go along so much fight the car. “

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), 10th place:

“Of course I would have liked to have won a little more than just one point at the end, but there wasn’t much more to it. We just didn’t have the pace in the race. That was all that was possible, even now with the engine modes , where everyone is in a certain way switched the same way, that’s our maximum. Of course, that’s very sobering. At times the Williams was faster. I think we just didn’t have the grip, especially after the first few laps – or actually not at all in the race – to really attack. There weren’t many cars today that were slower than us. Of course that’s tough for us, but we still tried to take everything with us. “

about the mass crash after the first restart when Bottas was in the lead

“It’s just unnecessary. As a front runner, you have to be clear about such things. If you want to wait, you should wait a long time and then accelerate, but not stop-and-go. It’s like being on the autobahn. Five, ten vehicles behind you will most likely have an accident. Fortunately, none of them were injured. “

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Max Verstappen (Red Bull), failure:

“Already on the formation lap I almost wore off the engine. It was probably the same problem as in Monza. Because it felt similar. I got away well and caught up with Lewis. But then I couldn’t accelerate anymore and lost speed . Contact with Kimi just happens. It doesn’t matter. It happens when you get into a situation like that. I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the race anyway. “

of the ongoing problems with his engine

“As I drove up to the grid, I sensed that something was wrong. The car didn’t idle and on the warm-up lap I got into the anti-stall program. That’s just not normal. Especially since it’s now the second Happened times in a row. At the moment I’m just fed up with it. “

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