The Volkswagen Polo may not survive the new emission standards

German Volkswagen is reportedly ready to withdraw its smallest Polo model from production and not to prepare a new generation. A car of this class is probably not worth much after the tightening of the European Union’s Euro 7 emission standards.

CEO of Volkswagen Thomas Schaefer for the British Autocar, he said that the engineers at VW are now carefully calculating everything, and within the next few weeks the automaker will issue a clear statement. The future of the small hatchback is so unclear.

According to Schäfer, Volkswagen expected that Euro 7 would force most companies to switch to at least partial electrification. But then hope dawned. “There was news two or three weeks ago that the EU7 would come in at a reasonable level, so we thought we would keep the Polo and it would help us bridge the tough times,” the VW boss said.

However, a week ago, it turned out that the standard was stricter than expected, and that turned the tables. “It makes no sense to go beyond the EU7 border with small internal combustion vehicles. It would increase the price of vehicles by 3, 4 or 5 thousand euros, and cars would become unaffordable,” added Schäfer.

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