The Walking Dead season 10: the series missed a great opportunity to deepen a character because of a cut scene

While we continue to wait for a broadcast date for episode 16 of season 10 of The Walking Dead on OCS, we are looking at an episode of season 9 and what it should have shown us. We all know that certain scenes written or filmed are not always broadcast since the episodes must be edited to have a very precise duration. However, some cut scenes would have been worth the detour, like that of the first episode of season 9 centered around Jesus. Her interpreter Tom Payne recently explained that in the season premiere, we should have met her boyfriend.

Jesus and Aaron
Jesus and Aaron

“Because of the time jump of 6 years, I always imagined that Jesus and Aaron lived a little story, and that they became friends afterwards, which is quite nice. But Jesus already had a relationship in the first episode of season 9, in which I had a boyfriend at Hilltop from the script “. Focusing on action, the series does not always dare to dwell on the personal lives of its characters And that’s a shame. This would allow us to have all the more empathy for them and to feel closer to those who remain mostly heroes with superhuman appearances. We can therefore hope that season 10 of The Walking Dead and the following are less chilly on this side.


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