The Walking Dead season 8: Episode 16, did Negan survive? (SPOILERS)


We were waiting for it and that’s it, the last episode of the season 8 of The Walking Dead was broadcast a few hours ago on AMC and so we finally have the answers to several questions we asked ourselves. Beware of the big spoilers in the sequel if you have not seen “Wrath” . One of the biggest questions was obviously the fate of Negan, who, if he survives in the comics, could have been killed in the final season. But that’s not how scriptwriters decided. Indeed, they did follow the comics because after having cut his throat with a piece of glass, Rick finally asked Siddiq to heal Negan . Carl’s memory and wish will have been stronger than Rick’s anger.

Mercy prevailed over his wrath
This scene takes place in front of all defeated Saviors, and in front of Rick’s group including Maggie. The strong point of this forgiveness is the reaction of Maggie who screams to injustice and asks the death of Negan to avenge Glenn , to avenge all the dead but especially to really put an end to all that. Yet Michonne retains and Rick will not reconsider his decision. But even if season 8 of The Walking Dead ends in happy ending, this decision to imprison Negan and keep him alive may create disagreements within the group. Another scene is indeed that Maggie, Jesus and Daryl are no longer on the side of Rick and Michonne and even if we hope that Maggie will not completely go into “dark” mode, this logical reaction brings an interesting and realistic situation. Are we going towards a splitting of the group in season 9? We have plenty of time to think about it …


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