There are some handicaps that you would not want in a zombie apocalypse. Deafness is certainly one of them. But in “The Walking Dead” we’ll see just that soon: Lauren Ridloff was cast for Season 9 as Deaf Connie.
AMC The upcoming ninth season of ” the Walking Dead “There will be many innovations: After a long time jump, the long-cherished dream of a new civilization is a reality and the previous main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is replaced by fan favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), at this point only two examples to call. But now it became known that another premiere is in the house: For the first time a deaf figure will be seen in “The Walking Dead”. For this role, the actually deaf theater actress Lauren Ridloff was cast (via Entertainment Weekly ).
Possible Leak: Is Rick’s Destiny in Season 9?

This year, Lauren Ridloff was nominated for a Tony Award for her starring role in “Children of a Lesser God.” For the same role in the canvas conversion “God’s forgotten children” from 1986 won Marlee Matlin By the way, the only Deaf actress to date (“Switched at Birth”) is an Oscar.
This character plays Lauren Ridloff

The character who is forced to fight through the zombie apocalypse without hearing will listen to the name Connie , It is described as follows: “An experienced survivor who uses her senses to read people, situations and anger. The character is deaf and uses American Sign Language (ASL) for communication. ” In Season 9, Connie is to receive her own story arc over several episodes but will not be part of the main cast.
Connie is a comic character

By the way, the name Connie will be familiar to readers of the “Walking Dead” comics : Also there, the figure appears, also directly after a larger leap in time. She is part of a newly-emerged group of survivors led by a figure called Magna, who settles in Alexandria. Although the comic-Connie is not deaf However, at least some of her elements will probably flow into the series Connie.
New Details for Season 9 “TWD”

It will be very exciting to see how a deaf character gets along in the zombie apocalypse. The enormously increased danger of omitting an important sense and the simultaneous sharpening of the others could provide some exciting moments that have not yet been seen in “The Walking Dead”.
When it goes on with “The Walking Dead”

As usual from the past years, will The new season “The Walking Dead” is expected to premiere in October 2018 and then in this country on the FOX Channel and via Sky ticket be visible. With the presentation of the first scenes and the simultaneous announcement of the official start date, the “Walking Dead” panel of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 20, 2018 (from about 3:15 clock German time) can be expected ,


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