The Walking Dead season 9: What will happen? (SPOILERS)


The season 8 of The Walking Dead ended last night on AMC and the wait then begins until the month of October and the broadcast of the season 9. Since the filming of the next season has not started yet, speculation on what the following We will be mostly based on the end of season 8 and comics from which is drawn the series. The first big speculation concerns the timeline since, in the comics, a jump in time quite important takes place after the war against the Saviors . We would find Rick older and Judith larger, and, if everything went well, the child of Glenn and Maggie. Speaking of Maggie precisely, a jump in time would probably wipe out the tease conflict in the final season between Maggie, Jesus and Daryl on one side, and Rick and Michonne on the other.

Negan’s “forgiveness” does not pass
Unless of course the conflict degenerated and led to real opposition between the two camps, splitting the group and cutting contacts between them. But since we do not see the characters isolate themselves as they all try to move towards a better future, this is unlikely. The rebuilding of a community and even of a society could be part of the intrigues of the season 9 of The Walking Dead . With a Negan prisoner, Rick wanted to set an example and lay the groundwork for a civilized system . It is assumed that the sequel could therefore show the reconstruction of Alexandria but also the revival of the Kingdom and the development of Hilltop, thanks in particular to the book of Georgie.
The whisperers in season 9?
Finally, whether there is a jump in time or not, season 9 should probably mark the arrival of Whisperers in the series. As a reminder, this community led by Alpha is one of the great antagonists of The Walking Dead and wears faces of walkers to hide. Cruel and violent, the Whisperers do a lot of damage in the comics and are the cause of the death of several main characters . But their presence is also good since after all his years behind bars, Negan becomes an ally of Rick in his fight against Alpha. It remains to be seen if the same thing will happen in the series. In any case, there are many possibilities for writers and we still have time to ask ourselves what will happen in the next season.


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