The Walking Dead: Why the series should have stopped after season 8


The last episode of season 8 of The Walking Dead was broadcast Sunday night on AMC and despite some questions left unresolved, it could have been a good final series. We explain ourselves. First the end of a narrative arc is always a good time to conclude a series . Especially when the arc in question is so important and spread over as many episodes. The end of the war between Rick and Negan may have been quickly completed, but it still has a taste of conclusion that would have been good with an end of the series. But that’s not all since, overall, many characters have had what comes closest to a “happy ending” in an apocalyptic world filled with zombies.

Dwight was “released” by Daryl and sent to find his wife Sherry, who left him a clue. The Saviors who surrendered can now rebuild a more just society without a tyrannical leader by growing their own vegetable garden. Formerly is invited to join Rick’s community to reintegrate into a group. Eugene proved what side he was, while Father Gabriel miraculously regained his sight. In short besides the trio Maggie, Jesus and Daryl – and Negan necessarily – all the characters seem satisfied with the way things ended . And the plot of Maggie and Negan aside, things could have ended like that.
Maggie torn
But this end full of beautiful prospects for the future is not the only reason why the season 8 of The Walking Dead could have marked the end of the series. Indeed it is a news for anyone, the series is losing popularity and audience for some time. And despite the fans’ attachment to Robert Kirkman’s zombie universe, it’s hard to ignore the many critics that the series as well as his showrunner Scott Gimple receive . The latter leaves room for Angela Kang for season 9 and things could change, but the damage was done.
A deserved end for Eugene
Season 8 ended up with the worst audiences in the series since season 2, and Carl’s death and Negan’s survival and lack of real clash in the final season have been experienced as betrayals by many. fans. Certainly, the series gets stuck between the “you have to follow the comics” and the “you have to move away from comics” but it’s possible to find a happy medium, as previous seasons have shown . Anyway with a falling popularity and more and more virulent fans, The Walking Dead is trapped by the pressure and expectations of its viewers.
A frustrating end, but an end anyway
An interview with Scott Gimple proves it well. The latter had indeed said he prayed that fans love the season finale of season 8 and be satisfied. So we imagine that writers are well aware of the pressure on them, and that it prevents them from giving free rein to their imagination. There is only to see the popularity of the famous phrase “If Daryl dies we riot” or “If Daryl dies, we break everything” to know that some characters are untouchable and that their popularity and so their fans guide the intrigues, not the other way around . Production no longer has total control of its own series, and financial problems do not help.
Will Maggie be in season 9?
AMC is the target of several lawsuits, not to mention the disagreement with the agents of Lauren Cohan (Maggie) who, a few weeks before the shooting, has still not signed for season 9 since his salary does not suit him. Short, The Walking Dead has seen better days, and there is no guarantee that it will regain its past glory. We know that it is always more judicious for a series to stop when it has decided rather than when it is forced to do so. . And even if The Walking Dead is still quite successful to continue a few years, it’s time to think about the image that AMC will want to leave to the fans of one of its flagship series. The one who pulls the rope to make money to the end, or the one who knows when to say stop. So despite our attachment to the series, and the many intrigues we would like to see, using Season 8 to end it would not have been such a bad idea.


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