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The wall of Trump on the border far away more a comprehensive solution to the issue of migration

President Donald Trump's threat to declare a "national emergency situation" because of the migration crisis that exists on the border has worried both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

In a poll published Sunday by The Washington Post and ABC News, 66% of respondents showed their opposition to the president declaring the national emergency to find funds for the construction of the wall.

Republicans struggled on Thursday to approve a plan that would grant President Donald Trump the $ 5,700 million he asks to build the wall on the Mexican border in exchange for granting temporary protection status to dreamers covered by DACA.

The project required Trump's approval before speaking with the Democrats, but Vice President Mike Pence dismissed the initiative of his party, ensuring that the program was not at the negotiating table until the Supreme Court issues a verdict on the matter.

Increase the gap

Trump, for his part, does not give up on his strategy and continues to press for Congress to give him the money for the wall.

"The steel barrier, or wall, should have been built by previous administrations a long time ago. They never did it, I will. Without it our country is not safe. Criminals, gangs, people smugglers, drugs and many other big problems can easily enter. You can stop cold! "He wrote in his Twitter social network account.

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The Washington Post / ABC News poll showed that opposition to the construction of a wall on the southern border decreased. "42% now supports the border wall, the highest percentage obtained in the surveys conducted by ABC and The Washington Post since President Trump proposed this initiative," explains the television network that notes that the popularity of the wall last year only reached 34% Despite gaining more empathy among citizens, the percentage that opposes the creation of a wall that divides and delimits the border reaches 54%.

The emergence of Trump

The Democrats insist that the emergency warned by Trump does not exist. "We do not see it," says Joe Garcia, a former federal democrat representing the state of Florida. "There is a problem on the border, but I do not think it is enough to declare a national emergency, as the president wants," he added.

Another Democratic source familiar with the closed-door negotiations in Congress to end the crisis of partial closure of the government said on condition of anonymity that "there is no historical precedent" on the issue, and that "we are waiting for what will be the next step . The government is in a delicate situation. And the situation on the border is a humanitarian issue, there is no crisis. "

The office of the leader of the Democratic minority of the Senate, Charles Schumer (New York), confirmed the concerns. He said that "we do not know where the president will get the money to build the wall, nor whether he does so declaring an emergency situation. We do not know where you will get the funds from. "

Where does the money come from?

Garcia said cabinet members can use their powers to move up to 10% of their budgets, "but each time in acceptable and legitimate amounts."

"And in case of a mobilization like what the president asks for, $ 5,700 million, it's going to require legislation because it's a lot of money from taxpayers," he added.

A third source of the Senate said that "until now there has been no communication with the White House to know where the funds will come from, what budget items will be touched and whether there will be an emergency declaration. We are waiting for the next step. "

Garcia added that in statements of previous emergencies, such as in case of war or situations that merit it, "there are always previous communications between the president and Congress."

And the immigration issue?

While both parties and the White House are still at odds, some Republicans are wondering what will happen to the immigration issue, the real problem of this debate that moved to the budget discussion.

"We feel that immigration is good. It's good for the United States. It makes us stronger, it has always been throughout our history, "said La Iniciativa Libre, a moderate Republican group that promotes the principles and values ​​of economic freedom to empower the Hispanic community.

"Immigrants have created wealth for themselves and wealth for our nation. That is why we want to continue with that and accommodate ourselves to a flow of immigrants that can make the United States stronger and richer. We see an opportunity here, "said Daniel Garza, president of the organization, referring to the more than 700,000 dreamers protected by DACA and whose future hangs on what the Supreme Court will say in the summer.

"What is really at stake here is the lives of thousands of children, and also American power and the security of our country, and that is what matters and that is why we have to hold Congress accountable and resolve these problems. "He said.

The group also wonders what happened to the issue of immigration reform, a pending debt of both parties in Congress.

Trump does not give

The president does not give in his demands to the Congress. The White House has not moved from its digital page a summary of Trump's speech delivered Tuesday from the Oval Office.

"The Administration has requested $ 5,700 million for the construction of approximately 234 miles of a new steel barrier on the southern border, an increase of $ 4,100 million with respect to the Senate bill," he explains.

  • To protect our communities, the Administration requested $ 675 million to deter and detect narcotics, weapons and other materials that cross our borders.
  • $ 211 million to hire 750 additional Border Patrol agents.
  • $ 571 million for 2,000 new ICE agents.
  • $ 4,200 million for 52,000 beds in ICE detention centers, personnel, transportation and detention alternatives.
  • $ 563 million to hire 75 immigration judges and additional support staff.

But it does not show a crisis, García insists. The Free Initiative does not mention it either.
Trump's plan does not explain what he will do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country.

The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico is one of the main promises of the president's campaign, an argument he uses again, this time, with a view to the re-election of 2020, denounce the Democrats, who also warn that if Trump declares the national emergency, "lawsuits will rain in the courts of justice."

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