The Wamena D Company Commander was immediately sacked after Bripda Diego was killed in an OTK attack, what was the cause? page all

JAYAPURA, The death of a member of Brimob Brigade Brigade Diego Rumaropen after being attacked by unknown people in Napua District, Jayawijaya, Papua, has a long tail.

The Papuan Regional Police Chief (Kapolda) Inspector General Mathius D Fakiri removed the D Wamena Company Commander AKP Rustam.

“I will take firm action against the company commander from Diego, today I will also be dismissed,” said Fakiri in Wamena, Jayapura, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

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Reason for removal

The Commander of Wamena D Company AKP Rustam was considered negligent in the incident because he carried a firearm when he was not carrying out his duties.

He is also considered not to have implemented a personal safety procedure (protap) when carrying a firearm

When Brigadier Diego was attacked, AKP Rustam was with the victim.

Not only killed Brigadier Diego, the attack caused the two firearms held by the victim to disappear, allegedly confiscated by the perpetrator.

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Only two of

The incident began when the Wamena D Company Commander AKP Rustam was asked for help by residents to shoot a cow in Napua.

AKP Rustam at that time came with Brigadier Diego Rumaropen.

After shooting the cow, AKP Rustam left the weapon he was carrying with the victim.

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Not long after, came a group of people who attacked Brigadier Diego to death.

The Papuan Regional Police evaluates the standard of operation in vulnerable areas.

In the standard operating rules, each member must apply body system when in a vulnerable area, that is, there are at least five people on duty.

“But from the reports received, when the incident occurred they were just the two of them,” said Fakiri, as quoted from Between.

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It is suspected that the perpetrator of the attack was KKB led by Egianus Kogoya.

The seized weapons were allegedly brought by the perpetrators to Nduga.

The body of Bripda Diego was buried at the Wamena Heroes Cemetery (TMP), Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, Monday (20/6/2022).

Source: (Author: Jayapura Contributor, Dhias Suwandi | Editors: Andi Hartik, Priska Sari Pratiwi) Between

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