The war between Pique and Shakira continues, they can’t separate the children

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Gerard Pishe and Shakira are at war after their relationship ended a few weeks ago. They were together for 12 years and have two children – Milan and Sasha. The news of the separation of the two shocked everyone. Pique and Shakira seemed to look like an extremely close-knit couple until recently, when all sorts of speculations about the infidelity of the Spanish footballer began to emerge.

Summer is a time for rest, and the two cannot separate the children. The singer wants to take them on vacation in Miami for two months, while the Barcelona footballer has already announced to his ex-girlfriend that he is against this endeavor.

Shakira, however, cannot leave Spain with the children without Pique signing a power of attorney. According to the Spanish “Marca”, the footballer does not agree that the little ones should stay away from their grandparents for a long time. It’s about the footballer’s parents.