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Reports from Syria that there were explosions at a military airport near the capital Damascus were suspected of being Israeli strikes.

But the Syrian government denied the existence of any "Israeli aggression" on the military airport Mezze.

"The sounds that were heard were due to the explosion of an ammunition depot near the airport because of a short circuit," the official news agency SANA quoted a military source as saying.

Israel has previously launched air strikes inside Syria and was accused of targeting Mezze airport last year.

On Sunday, AFP quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the opposition organization monitoring the war in Syria, as saying that the Mezze military airport was hit by "an Israeli missile" fired across the occupied Golan Heights.

The airport is the Syrian air force, according to AFP.

Photos, circulated by social media users, showed what appeared to be a number of strong explosions in the region.

In May, Israel said it had attacked an Iranian military infrastructure inside Syria, following what it said was an Iranian missile attack on territory under its control.

The following month, Israel said it had shot down a Syrian plane that had penetrated its airspace.

In January 2017, an official media in Syria quoted the army as saying that several rockets landed at the Mezze airport complex, accusing Israel of bombing the area.


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