The war will end only in one case, claims the Russian author. The West cannot influence it

According to a well-known Russian writer, the war in Ukraine is connected with the fate of Vladimir Putin. As long as the Russian president lives, the conflict will not end. According to him, the total defeat of Moscow in the war would benefit the Russian nation. The Russians are the only ones who can destroy the regime there and the current state structure.

The war in Ukraine will last as long as Vladimir Putin is alive, claims one of the most important contemporary Russian writers, Mikhail Shishkin, who is a great critic of the Kremlin. In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Berner Zeitung, he said that Ukraine now mainly needs to get more weapons in order to withstand the current situation. “Neutrality can no longer be maintained in this war. Every delay in supplies means more dead children,” he emphasized.

However, the very end of the war is connected with the fate of Putin. According to Shishkin, he cannot imagine that the Russian dictator will stand trial. “There are not many options for how his life will end. He will either die a natural death, or his closest friends will help him, or he will flee to the Central African Republic, where he built a safe base years ago,” he claims.

It has been talked about for a long time that Putin has a plan to escape to the Central African Republic in case of an emergency. Recently, the General SVR telegram account came up with information that the Russian president had stored assets there with an approximate value of 340 billion crowns.

According to Shishkin, neither Ukraine nor NATO can destroy Russia. “Only the Russians can do that,” he stated. According to him, however, the demise of the current state system is inevitable. “The current Russian Federation will cease to exist. The disintegration of the empire will continue,” he predicts.

According to him, a crushing defeat in the war could help the Russian nation. “When you lose consciousness, sometimes a strong slap helps. The total defeat helped the Germans to get out of Hitler’s mania. I very much hope that the defeat in this war will help my people to come to this realization,” he expressed his wish.

The British Prime Minister described the Russian regime as violent and called Russia a pariah state: