The Warriors can’t keep us one on one. We’ve never been zoned out so often,” reports Jason Kidd – Basketball

Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd remains of the opinion expressed on Tuesday that the Warriors are not capable of holding his players one-on-one.

Kidd clarified his position on Thursday on the day of the loss in the fifth match of the series (110:120, 1-4).

“Never before have they put a zone against us so often. This is a compliment for my guys. It really is. They are looking for different options to keep us. We saw the tactics of throwing multiple players at the same time, we saw a lot of zone defense, all because they had problems with fouls and they couldn’t stop us. It’s a fact, I’m not making it up.

And I played myself. And if the coach says that we are now going to do something new that we have not done before, then this means that the team is not doing something. It’s a fact,” Kidd said.

Golden State is back in the NBA Finals!