The weather forecast in Occitanie: from the big beautiful as of Tuesday


Monday April 16th: The sky is crowded. Around the Mediterranean, a cloudy veil often dense will thwart the sun, but the weather will be dry. Mistral and Tramontane will become moderate with some gusts up to 60 to 70 km / h. Further west, the weather looks disturbed. On the south of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees, rains often lasting and generalized will occur this morning, they will be more marked on the Pyrenees and their foothills, with a rain-snow limit to 2200 to 2400 m. The rains will become scattered and weak in the afternoon. The rainy weather will be confined little by little to the Pyrenees and their piedmont. The thermometer evolves this Monday at the maximum between 14 and 23 degrees. Tuesday, April 17: Program change as of Tuesday and for a few days with the return of great weather. If not fog on the valleys of the Garonne will disperse in the afternoon. The sky is blue. The wind is weak. With the sun, the mercury flies in the second half of the day. The minimums evolve from 3 to 9 degrees, the maximum 19 and 26 degrees. Wednesday, April 18th: Side color of the same sky program as the day before. It will be very beautiful. Not a shadow on the board. Only downside, the wind is south-east in his area. The thermometer climbs early in the day. It is expected to be 9 to 12 degrees and 21 to 27 degrees at the warmest of the day. Thursday, April 19th: Another big sun and heat for this Thursday. The change happens in the evening with clouds that invade the whole territory and that bring light showers for the night and the day to come . The mercury remains almost summer. It will be between 10 and 13 degrees in the morning and between 18 and 27 in the hottest part of the day. More weather forecast.


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