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The weather is "partly cloudy" on the ruins of the dictatorship

Partly cloudy – Bear Pit

  • The favorite readings, it is shared.
  • Our community daily recommends a new book.
  • Today: Partly Cloudy "Antoine Choplin at La Fosse aux Ours.

Christian, contributor to the reading group 20 minutes, gives you his opinion on "Partially cloudy" by Antoine Choplin at La Fosse aux Ours.

His favorite quote:

I could not warm up by rubbing my arms. I thought of a coat. A big coat resting on my shoulders. One I had just invented but it did not prevent me from believing for good, so I thought of him. "

Why this book?

  • Because it's a sweet story, a bittersweet ride against time that made two people lonely.
  • Because everyone is looking for someone in this museum, a track to find someone who has disappeared under the military regime. But everyone has their story, everyone is looking for ghosts who lived at the same time but do not have the same story. This is what will separate this meeting, make it rough.
  • Because the two protagonists are locked in a solitude of guilt. To no longer love the one who has disappeared is a form of treason. For one, it is the memory that must be maintained at all costs, for the other, a presence to support.
  • Because it is a luminous book in which there is talk of love, attachment, tenderness.
  • Because the interiority of the style makes it a whispered, intimate reading.

The essential in 2 minutes

The plot. While going to ask for grants to restore his astronomer material, Ernesto meets Ema, at the museum of the disappeared. This meeting is a meeting of two solitary souls that the dictatorship weakened but not for the same reasons.

Characters. Ernesto astronomer, Ema editor, Paula the former girlfriend of Ernesto, the father of Ema the shadows of the past.

Places. Chile.

The time. Current and under the military dictatorship.

The author. Antoine Choplin is a novelist and poet, he won the Prix France Télévisions in 2012 for La Nuit Tombée, also at La Fosse aux Ours.

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This book has been read with the certainty of having read a great novel by Christian: "Reader and book devourer, I want to share my favorite reading. "

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