The web is boiling after Kiril Petkov’s interview in “Panorama”

Kiril Petkov was a guest in “Panorama” tonight. He complained to Boyko Vassilev that he had not had enough enough votes to be independent behind the scenes.

Now they were trying, and he thought they would succeed, to clear the backstage of the ruling coalition. His words provoked comments on social networks.

Here are some of them:

Stoyan Radev

Kiril Petkov in “Panorama” said that they would clear the backstage of the ruling coalition. After ITN, are they parting ways with BSP and Boyko Rashkov?

Victor Dimchev:

“Let’s clean up the ruling coalition from corruption”

And I instantly thought of a pro-government body set up in ancient times to save the country from internal enemies. We are talking about the NKVD.

Daniel Brezov:

Panorama. The Führer. Alone, without opposition, with a list of convenient questions and long rehearsals. He managed to memorize a few sentences – he has a chance to finish 4th grade.

Borislav Ivanov:

If he wants to clear the backstage, resign

Oleg Kovachev

The big question is: what did Radev promise Kiril Petkov to renounce Canadian citizenship long before it became clear that his still uncreated movement would win the machine elections. And whoever watched “Panorama” tonight is aware – Petkov lives in a fictional world.

Viktor Kanzurov

Kiril Petkov has just announced on BNT that the French proposal to squat the Republic of Bulgaria against the anti-Bulgarian chauvinism of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, which some call a “decision to resolve the dispute between Bulgaria and the RSM”, included the most important Bulgarian request and condition.

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I quote Petkov: “The most important topic that all Bulgarians are currently following is the Constitution that the Republic of Northern Macedonia will not start its negotiations until it changes its constitution and Bulgarians are part of the peoples who represent this country.”

The question is, rhetorically for me, whether the head of state Rumen Radev knew about this trade “waffle for a chain of stores” from the very beginning.

I have nothing against the Bulgarians being included in the preamble of the Constitution of the RSM. However, I am against this being the “key” Bulgarian request and, if the PCM fulfills it, to start negotiations with the EU. The “key thing” is for the RSM to stop falsifying the history of the Bulgarian people in Macedonia. Only this guarantees the non-discrimination of Bulgarians there.

I think that even Georgi Dimitrov has defended the interests of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people more than the people who rule the Bulgarian state now.