the weekly diet you lose weight and body at the top!

If you want to lose weight, cut out the carbohydrates. One need only think of this deprivation to make many people pass the desire to undertake one diet per lose weight. But there is a solution to who belongs to this category. A diet weekly which he promises to do lose up to 2/3 kilos in 7 days eating pasta, bread and potatoes. Start today diet per lose weight you find below!

This diet per lose weight it foresees two phases: the first of impact, the second of settling. The first phase, with a diet weekly, provides for the intake of up to 1,200 calories per day. It constitutes the diet real. And in addition to containing carbohydrates rich in starch and fiber, it must be completed with lots of vegetables, a right dose of fruit, a share of lean proteins, the right amount of fat to which to add two liters of water a day. The second phase is a sort of maintenance that serves to consolidate the results, lasts about 21 days and provides for a daily increase in calories to about 1,600.


– BREAKFAST: Carb lovers bread banana smoothie. A slice of rye with 100% almond cream. – SNACK: 2 or 3 rye crackers with 100% almond cream. – LUNCH: mixed salad with 60 g of brown rice and fresh tuna. – SNACK: 1 banana. – PRICE: Mexican black beans with 2 corn tortillas; a plate of romaine lettuce and carrots seasoned with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.


– BREAKFAST: green tea; 1 slice of rye bread with 100% hazelnut cream; a kiwi. – SNACK: 1 soy yogurt with almonds. – LUNCH: wholemeal pasta salad (60 g), steamed shrimps and courgettes dressed with 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. – SNACK: 1 banana. – PRICE: mixed salad with grilled chicken and two slices of wholemeal bread.

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– BREAKFAST: Carb lovers banana smoothie. A slice of black bread with 100% peanut cream; 1 cup of blueberries. – SNACK: a pear with 3 noci. – LUNCH: baked omelette made with two eggs and zucchini. A slice of wholemeal bread. – SNACK: Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon of rolled oats. – PRICE: brown rice salad (60 g) with prawns, 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, mixed vegetables, 1 tablespoon of chopped almonds.


– BREAKFAST: Orange juice. A Greek yogurt with blueberries and 50 g of oat flakes. – SNACK: banana smoothie. – LUNCH: salmon carpaccio with baby spinach salad dressed with lemon juice and mixed seeds (without oil). 1 slice of rye bread. – SNACK: 2 tangerines and 3 walnuts. – PRICE: Basmati rice with chicken curry. Raw fennel salad.


– BREAKFAST: carb lovers banana smoothie. A slice of black bread with 100% hazelnut cream. – SNACK: 1 soy yogurt with chopped hazelnuts. – LUNCH: salad with chickpeas (30 g dry), carrots, cabbage, chopped walnuts and parmesan flakes. – SNACK: 2 tablespoons of toasted chickpeas without oil and 1 rice cake. – PRICE: cold legume pasta (60 g) with vegetables.


– BREAKFAST: 1 cup of green tea. 2 wholemeal rusks with a thin layer of peanut cream. – SNACK: 1 low-fat plain yogurt with banana pieces. – LUNCH: 1 sandwich with rye bread stuffed with 100 g of chicken and 50 g of spinach. – SNACK: herbal tea with fennel and 5 hazelnuts. – PRICE: cream of fennel; sea ​​bass tartare.


– BREAKFAST: Carb lovers banana smoothie. A slice of rye bread with 100% peanut cream. – SNACK: 5 boiled chestnuts. – LUNCH: cold pasta salad (60 g) with cherry tomatoes and feta. – SNACK: 1 soy yogurt with bitter cocoa powder. – PRICE: pasta (60 g) and beans (40 g dry); steamed spinach topped with lemon juice.

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