Westminster friend Andreea Cristea, a friend of Westminster's terrorist recounted today, as he considered, the desperate temptation to save his girlfriend by jumping into the Thames.

Andrei Burnaz, 31, was on a sightseeing trip with his partner when extremist Khalid Masood hit the sidewalk on March 22, indiscriminately attacking pedestrians.

The Romanian national said he had heard "screaming" and then felt "a burning sensation on my left foot" when Masood's car passed.

He then noticed that Mrs. Cristea, who had been standing next to him, was no longer there. One witness described her being thrown 10 feet into the air before she landed in the river.

Wiping away tears, Mr. Burnaz described walking to a police officer to say that his girlfriend was missing.

Westminster attack investigation shown CCTV Recordings of Romanian tourists Andreea Cristea

I turned back to the place in the middle of the bridge and started looking for her again. I tried to call her. Her phone rang. I found her phone and her glasses full of blood.

He added, "For a few minutes, because nobody did anything about it, I thought it might be better to jump into the river to look for it, but I did not."

Mr. Burnaz told the police that he believed his girlfriend had been thrown into the river, and then he saw boat crews struggling to get their body.

A truck driver who witnessed the Westminster terrorist attack described the "carnage" scene after Masood had deliberately mowed down the pedestrians on the bridge.

Victim Andreea Cristea

Michael Brown was one of the first to call 999 after the attack and told the operator that he had seen Cristea thrown into the Thames.

In the distressing call for help, Mr. Brown shouted "oh god," when he saw at least 20 people on the ground and desperate efforts to rescue Miss Cristea from the water.

"It was a carnage," he said this morning at the investigation at the Old Bailey.

"Many people were injured, many people were screaming."

He said he had crossed the bridge when he heard a "loud bang" and then saw the car being driven by the Islamic extremist Masood and the striking pedestrians.

Mr. Brown saw Cristea being hit and told the court, "She had flown about ten feet, and when she came down she went directly into the Thames."

The driver paused on the bridge and started "screaming and screaming" on boats to alert her to the presence of Mrs. Cristea's body in the water. He said she lay face down and her head seemed to be surrounded by blood.

"I'm trying to get some attention from a boat," he said in the 999 call. "They will fish them out."

He added, "We have at least 20 people run over on the sidewalk, Big Incident, Big Incident, Major, Major, Oh God."

Mr. Brown said he had tried to help some of the injured, and then saw doctors and nurses from nearby St. Thomas Hospital running to the bridge to help.

Ms. Cristea, an interior designer on vacation in London with her boyfriend, was pulled out of the river by a passing boat. She was taken to the hospital, but died on April 6, two weeks later.

Masood also ran down, killing US tourists Kurt Cochran, 54, retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes, 75, and mother-of-two Aysha Frade, 44.

Then he drove his car against the fence in Parliament and stabbed Keith Palmer, 48, to death on the grounds of Westminster Palaces before being shot dead by the armed police.

The investigation into the death of Masood's victims continues.



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