The WhatsApp trick so that no one can gossip your conversations even if they take your mobile

WhatsApp is the star messaging application in Spain and is usually updated frequently with new features, in fact, it recently announced call links and video calls for up to 32 people. Even so, it is not the most complete app, but it has its best asset in its tricks, such as one so no one can snoop on your conversations without your permission.

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WhatsApp tricks allow you to get the most out of the application, such as the one to read deleted messages or another to find out which friend has deleted your chat. Now, another little-known shortcut has gone viral that allows you to protect your conversations to the maximum so that if a person picks up your mobile phone they cannot read them.

Sometimes you need to hide a WhatsApp conversation to a specific person, such as the case of a friend who is preparing a party and, if you leave your smartphone, you don’t want him to find out. Thanks to this trick of the messaging application you will not be able to spoil the surprise.

How does it work?

This WhatsApp trick is little known by most users and very easy to do. A shortcut that works on iPhone and Android and is totally safe, since it does not involve the download of third-party applications or files; instead, it uses a native function of the Meta app itself, formerly known as Facebook.

As an additional measure of privacy, WhatsApp users can use fingerprint lock to open the app on your mobile phone. To activate it, you have to enter the application and go to the ‘Settings’, which on Android is done by clicking on the three vertical points and on iPhone by tapping on the ‘Settings’ tab.

WhatsApp lock settings on iPhone.

Nacho Castanon


Once inside the ‘Settings’ you must click on ‘Account’ and then on ‘Privacy’. In the case of using a mobile with the Android operating system, at that moment you have to scroll down between the different options until you find ‘Fingerprint lock’, tap on it and touch the sensor with your finger to confirm your fingerprint.

At this point, it only remains to select the period of time that you want to elapse before you request fingerprint authentication, ranging from immediately to after 1 to 5 minutesor within an hour.

For its part, iPhone users can only use Face ID, Apple’s technology to unlock your phone with just a glance; and that is activated in the app settings, in the ‘Lock screen’ section located within the account privacy.

Goodbye gossips

When the fingerprint or Face ID lock is activated, in the case of iPhone, when a person picks up your mobile phone and wants to enter WhatsApp you will see how you are asked to identify yourself in one of these two ways.

Therefore, thanks to this trick no one will ever be able to read your conversations without your permission; being ideal to keep gossips away. It is important to note that fingerprint lock is only available on those smartphones with the Android operating system that have a sensor of this type.

Also, this feature must be enabled in the phone settings. You also have to know that if you want to reply and preview the text of the messages in the notifications, you have to activate the option ‘Show content in notifications’. As for calls, they can be answered without problem even if WhatsApp is locked with this privacy measure.

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