The WhatsApp trick to leave a group secretly so no one gets offended

You ended up in a WhatsApp group. By now you are inside, useless to curse whoever invited you or yourself for having accepted so lightly. The only thing you need to focus on is how to get out of it with as little damage as possible.

The problem of leaving a WhatsApp group occurs especially when it is full of people you know, friends, colleagues, relatives. You can’t leave such a group out of the blue, no matter how boring and annoying it is, because the fateful “xxx has left the group” will appear. Everyone will hate you.

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The trick to secretly escaping this situation is another: press and hold on the group chat and archive it. That way it won’t show up on your conversation list and won’t bother you. At the same time you can check what happens inside by going to the archive whenever you want.

When you want to restore it, just click on the option to make it come back to the surface.

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