The White House mocked for the monochrome of its trainees

The White House mocked for the monochrome of its trainees

The uniformity of White House spring trainee promotion, where it is difficult to find young people from diverse backgrounds, has been widely commented and criticized.
At first glance, this is nothing but a banal and boring Photo official as there are so many, in this case that of the spring interns of the White House, surrounding the president Donald Trump . But, there watch closer, do not notice- you not something?

This is the official photo of the 2018 White House Spring intern class.

Notice a pattern? – rob_bennett (@Rob Bennett)

“This is the official photo of Spring interns from the White House. You notice a certain model? ”
Or rather, do you not notice the absence of something? US Internet users have not taken long to to put finger on it; on the hundred or so students gathered around the American president, almost all are white. Hispanic, Black, or Asian students can count on the fingers of one hand.
“Trump: Making America segregated again” (Trump: return America segregated again) , ironically so on Twitter journalist and writer Victoria Brownworth , by diverting the original slogan of Trump, “Make America great again” . A cynical tone also used by Ian Bremmer, American author and expert in science policies who writes on his Twitter account :
“Trainees from the White House under Trump could be the whitest group I have ever met. And I include the Nantucket Yacht Club [an island on the East Coast, off Cape Cod, a hotspot for American high society]. ”
A difference with Obama’s promotions
Another user, defining himself as a “Concerned American” compares with the official statistics of the country and invites those who read it to decide themselves “Reasons why Trump trainees are far from representative of the diversity of this nation” . According to figures from the United States Census Bureau one in three Americans is not white. A ratio far removed from that of the promotion of interns of the White House.
For its part, a woman posing as a former trainee under the mandate of Barack Obama , in 2015, felt that “It was worth comparing” both promotions. ” As you can see there is a big difference “, she just commented, leaving the images speak of themselves, from the 2015 polychromy, to the uniformity of 2018.

My intern class from the #ObamaWH is on the top, Trump’s is on the bottom. As you can see, there’s a * big * differen … – christine_d11 (@Christine D)

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  1. I thought race doesn’t matter. Or are you saying “diversity” means no white people?

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