The “white masks” demonstrate in Draguignan against the Covid-19 vaccine

Cardboard posters are hung by the dozen between the plane trees on Boulevard Georges-Clemenceau, in Draguignan. On each of them, faces of people who would be dead or disabled, accompanied by the date of their last injection of vaccine against Covid-19.

Often, the time span presented between these two events is short, a few weeks at most.

It can’t be a coincidence“, launches Martine, who joined the demonstration along the way. The twenty demonstrators present on the spot belong to the anti-sanitary restriction collective the “white masks”. A national movement attached to no political structure, being more about a citizens’ initiative.

A first in Draguignan

A first in the city of the dragon. “We passed by several coastal cities, like Saint-Raphaël, but never in Draguignan until now“, comments the collective.

Behind her stand, Thérèse (the first name has been changed), a teacher for 25 years, specifies that she is not “antivax“, is “far-right, anti-Semitic or conspiratorial, as we are too often treated“, she wishes to add.

Even stating, “we have all been vaccinated with BCG here (vaccine against tuberculosis which is no longer compulsory, Editor’s note)”, sweeping his colleagues who all nod in agreement.

Defiance focuses on messengerRNA vaccine

The mistrust focuses more specifically on messenger RNA vaccine technology, as well as the social and economic hardships that have arisen from the health restrictions put in place in 2020 and 2021.

We don’t want to convince anyone with this demonstration, we just plant small seeds. Because you have to ask yourself questions“, concludes Thérèse, denouncing a suffering linked to the “lack of listening from politicians and the media “.