The widow of Sándor Oszter suffered a serious accident at home

As we wrote, Donatella Failoni was hospitalized after suffering an accident and breaking her shoulder.

Late on Thursday afternoon, the daughter of the legendary actor Sándor Oszter, Alexandra, posted a mysterious photo on the community page, according to which she is in the hospital in Székesfehérvár. Plenty of people began to worry about him, but it soon became clear that it wasn’t him, his mother, who had stumbled and fell so miserably that a small piece of his shoulderbone had come off, i.e. medically: his shoulder was broken.

I fell in a careless moment because I stumbled upon something in the hall. It was dim, I couldn’t see well, I just noticed I had fallen. I didn’t call for help right away, I tried to solve it on my own, and then a little later I told my daughter that it had happened. He immediately got in the car and ran to me, “Donatella told Bors, who went to the hospital in Székesfehérvár with Alexandra.

Source: Facebook / Failoni Donatella

Doctors soon determined the thing could not be operated on, so the widow was given a removable attachment to break it, keeping the injured area away from her body a bit.

I’ll have to go through this for four weeks and have to exercise every day. After control, we will be smarter when we see how much time is left until full recovery, ”said Donatella, who was in great pain but very grateful to the hospital for her quick help and professional and kind care.