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The wife of Little Rock is accused of attacking her 71-year-old mother with a hammer, the police say

story.lead_photo.captionErin Ann Sullivan. Photo of Sheriff & # 39; s office in Pulaski.

A 71-year-old woman bled heavily and unconsciously, and when police found her at her home in Little Rock after her daughter hit her with a hammer on Tuesday night, the authorities said.

The police said 36-year-old daughter Erin Sullivan was arrested after the robbery that happened after 8:30 pm. on Lakeside Drive for an obvious argument. Sullivan was charged with house battery and raped.

According to a report by the Little Rock police, the officers found the victim in a back room of the house on their arrival.

When the police asked the woman who attacked her, she told them it was her daughter, the report said. Emergency teams took them to the UAMS Medical Center for treatment.

A spokesman for the Little Rock Police said the woman was recovering from a lacerated wound on the back of her head.

The police said Sullivan beat her mother's face and hands several times, trying to push plastic bags into her mother's mouth.

Sullivan reportedly told the investigators that she had acted in self-defense.

The police report did not indicate what had led to the argument.

Sullivan remained in the county jail on Wednesday.

Online court records did not lead a lawyer to comment on the charges.

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