The wife of the deceased Michalik revealed the cause of death. The farewell will be in Prague

The ceremony begins at 1 p.m .; access to the church with the possibility of condolences will be granted to the family half an hour earlier. Apparently, in addition to politicians from the local, regional and national levels and other colleagues, acquaintances or friends, a larger group of people from Dolní Břežany will also go there.

The air ambulance didn’t help either. Věslav Michalik collapsed on Vlčí hora

Michalik became more widely known at the national level in the winter, when he was referred to as the likely future Minister of Industry and Trade; however, he gave up this candidacy. He thus responded to ambiguities regarding his previous business, which attracted media attention. Although he emphasized that his activities in the Cypriot environment were fully in line with the law, he would not seek a ministerial post so as not to complicate the new government. The Central Bohemian opposition from ANO then tried to enforce his resignation as deputy governor for finance, subsidies and innovation, but failed.

However, his care is well known at the local level and in the wider region. Long-term. He has been the head of the village of Dolní Břežany in Prague-West continuously since 2004 in the position of mayor, two years earlier he was elected deputy mayor. Under his influence – and without exaggeration precisely thanks to his influence – the village changed significantly; among other things, it has become a place where people can admire modern architectural solutions and civic amenities. They will not look for a replacement for him in the leadership of Dolní Břežany: Deputy Mayors Zdeněk Kovářík and Lubomír Havel (both for STAN) will share his powers until the September elections.

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Pattern and inspiration for colleagues

Michalik’s work at the town hall became a model for many colleagues from the wider area. Michal Pecková (STAN), who entered the regional politics from the post of mayor of Mnichovice in Prague-East, does not hide the inspiration of Michalik’s work and his successes. According to her, she has been a great role model from which to learn how to do everything right, since 2010. She does not hide the fact that as a mayor she went for advice. “Because I wanted to drive Mnichovice so well, at least in part,” she confided on Facebook. And there was no greater praise than words of appreciation from “The Age.”

Pecková especially recalls working together in an effort to address the insufficient capacity of schools in the ring around Prague. But even for a moment, when he stopped at the mayor’s office in Mnichovice, asking if she would like to think about her candidacy for governor. “Yeah, I was amused,” Peck said to the late Michalik via a social network.

Věslav Michalik

Vision, courage and diligence. Colleagues remember the late Věslav Michalik

“I laughed and pretended you went completely crazy. But inside I was blissful because I hear this from you…? Wow. That was the greatest honor, “she shared her feelings. About the feelings of then and now. And in the message “up there” she added a promise: “I will do my best to spread your message: education, science, research, innovation, technology, brain support, added value, a happy country. And I’ll try to be at least partly visionaries like you. “

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At the same time, she is not alone in expressing herself in a similar way. Michalika was also praised as his role model by the Regional Councilor for Public Transport Petr Borecký (STAN), who is also the mayor of Úval in Prague-East. For him, too, he was an inspiration at the beginning – and an example of how a bulldog’s efforts and systematic work can turn a village into a science town.

Borecký also adds his memories: “He brought me to the Mayors and the Independents. He was the one I could deal with when I was in doubt. His humor was not for everyone – but it suited me. ”He reminds him that Michalika knew as a fair and equal person who had a level of values ​​- although” a lot was written about him and not always nicely. ” “He could have said a lot to this country, the region and all of us, and he could have moved us further. Unfortunately, he will never say or move again, “Borecký lamented.

At the age of 59, the vice-chairman of the STAN movement and the mayor of Dolní Břežany, Věslav Michalik, died on June 12, 2022.

STAN Vice President Věslav Michalik has died. He was 59 years old

Other Central Bohemian politicians also talk about the great loss. For example, Milan Vácha (STAN), Mayor of Psár in Prague-West and Regional Councilor for Education and Sports, Michalik even compared the death of his father, who left 21 years and one day earlier…

Nuclear physicist and banker

Věslav Michalik originally studied nuclear physics – and since 1986 he has actually worked as a researcher in this field for ten years. Then, until 2007, he held various positions in financial institutions. Mostly in senior positions in senior management; he was also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Prague Stock Exchange. Since 2002, he has also been engaged in investment consulting and other projects.