The wind is blowing ? Wear the mask against Covid-19!

Some barrier gestures gradually disappear. Systematic hand washing when entering and leaving indoor public places, social distancing… or even wearing a mask in cafes, restaurants, museums, concert halls and other enclosed public places. And few people still wear the mask in the open air.

But according to American researchers from the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, with the still active propagation of the Delta variant and the onset of winter, it would be relevant to maintain this reflex outdoors. Especially if the wind is blowing!

According to Amit Agrawal, lead author of a study on the subject, “Viral particles can be carried by the wind and circulate much faster between people”. Another gesture to adopt in life in society, natural for some but not necessarily integrated for others, “turning in the opposite direction to people in case of sneezing or coughing”.

Model sneezing

Before deciding on this point, Prof. Agrawal’s team modeled the fluid dynamics of a coughing and sneezing fit on a simulator, by reproducing the conditions of indoor air and an outdoor environment. According to the results, “a light breeze of 5 km / h increases social distancing by 20% to protect against the risk of contamination (90 cm to 1.80 m), depending on the strength of the cough. From 9 to 11 km / h, the risk of spreading the virus increases with the distance and duration of the coughing fit. “

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Source: Destination Santé