The winners of the night

The Pepsi Music Awards celebrated their 10-year history in 2022 at a gala that was held at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas.

The broadcast of the event was delayed by at least 30 minutes. However, once the presentations of the artists began, there was a waste of national talent on stage.

This year they repeated as hosts of the show La Vero Gómez and Manuel Silva.

Premios Pepsi Music 2022

Several figures of Venezuelan music met in the Ríos Reyna room, below we present some of the winners of the 2022 Pepsi Music Awards.

Lasso took home the Tenth Edition Artist award for all the success he has achieved in recent years. He was also recognized with the best Tenth Edition Disc for his work on ‘Cuatro Estaciones’.

Other awards that the artist took were: Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Record of the Year.

Servando and Florentino received the recognition for Artist of the Decade, Digital Concert of the Year and Tenth Edition Song for ‘Te Encontré’.

Corina Smith, representative of the urban genre, was another one who shone by winning several Pepsi Music Awards.

The awards he received were: Reggaeton Theme of the Year, Reggaeton Video of the Year, Urban Theme for ‘A Veces’, with Arcángel, and Urban Artist of the Year.

In the case of Revelation Artist of the Year, the winners were the duo 3AM.

Daniela Barranco, for her part, was recognized as Female Artist of the Year.

Next, we present the winners of the non-televised gala, according to data published by El Nacional:

– Classical Music Category

Artist: Pablo Stredel

Disco: Pablo Stredel con Telemann – 6 Canonical Sonatas

He: «Sonata No. 1 in G Major I, Vivace de Telemann» by Pablo Stredel

Video: Anthony Pérez con A Marcello – Concerto In C Minor III Mov.

– Alternative Music Category

Artist: Anakin

Video: There is no danger by Anakena

Disco: «Apego» de Apái Timpe

– World Music Category

Artist: alex martinez

He: “Nothing Else Matters by Metallica” (joropo rock version) by Alex Martínez

Video: Nothing Else Matters by Metallica (joropo rock version) by Alex Martínez

– Llanera Music Category

Artist: Reynaldo Arms

He: “My Testament” by Jorge Guerrero

Video: Andean by Lisith Contreras

Disco: My heart only beats to love you of Vitico Castillo

– Bagpipe category

Artist: D’total Zulianity

He: “La Burrita Carolina” from Venezuela Canta Gaita FT. Neguito Borjas

Video: I’m loving you of the New Conga FT. Annae Torrealba and Miguel Siso

Disco: the same story by Luis Fernando Borjas FT. D’total Zulianidad

– Hip Hop Category

Artist: He called

He: “I don’t want to take a bath” by Akapellah, Motherflowers

Video: Perhaps de 3AM

– Singer-songwriter Category

Artist: the other pole

He: «LQMGDT» from The Other Pole

Video: world record by Daniel Huen FT. Georgina

Disco: «Feet to the Road» by Reis

– Reggaeton Category

Artist: Razer Buccarelli

He: «GPS» by Corina Smith, Noriel

Video: GPS by Corina Smith, Noriel

– Tropical Fusion Category

Artist: guaco

He: “I’ll take you with me” by Guaco

Video: Get Tiki from Pucho and Tucutu, Gente de Zona, Motiff FT Tonu Succar

Disco: Reloaded by Omar Enrique

– Jazz Category

Artist: diego walls

He: “Kingyo” by Gerry Weil and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra

Video: Eat by Pancho Montañez FT Roberto Quintero

Disco: 2 sessions by Manuel Barrios

– Electronic Music Category

Disco: Festive Heresick of Heresyka

Video: The Rhythm of Life by Jace Carrillo

– Electronic Music Category Electro – Dance

Artist: Manybeat

He: Caracas Way by Manybeat