the winning combination for more personalization in business

To meet the ever-growing need for customization within companies and their business processes, Axelor offers an Open source and Low-code/No-code ERP with integrated BPM.

Since the advent of digital, companies have constantly renewed their operating processes in order to adapt to today’s uses. Among the new features that have revolutionized business habits at their level, we can for example mention the cloud which has made it possible to gain flexibility or even mobile applications for a versatile and nomadic approach to business processes.

To be efficient and productive, a company must seek to optimize and personalize its business processes as much as possible. And to do this, Axelor offers a turnkey and customizable solution: Open Source ERP software (Low-code/No-code) with an integrated BPM.

Thanks to this hybrid solution, the company benefits from the functional power of an ERP (with a wide business scope), but also from the optimal customization of business processes thanks to an integrated BPM. Depending on the economic context or the growth of the company, the software can evolve and be modified by the customer himself thanks to Low-code/No-code.

ERP for simplified management of your business

An ERP is business activity management software. It is often a strategic solution for the operation of ETIs and SMEs. It centralizes all of a company’s processes on a single database with real-time updates. For the company, ERP is often synonymous with better management, cost optimization and reduction of time and expenses. It also allows you to have a really complete view of your activity.

The ERP offered by Axelor allows companies to connect all their data together and take advantage of around thirty business applications. Because it is low code, each company can configure its software according to its activity. The platform is hybrid since it is accessible in full-web, on computer and on smartphone.

Low-code/No-code BPM for easy software customization

Axelor does not stop at a simple Open Source ERP. The company offers a BPM that combines Low-code/No-code for simplified management of all business processes. This tool allows you to customize the software as you wish in order to adapt it to the needs and specificities of the company, without coding.

Axelor’s ERP software is thus more intuitive and easier to use for all areas of the company, even those with no coding skills. This makes it possible to gain in productivity without losing any of its autonomy.

Industrial sectors, trading, distribution, service companies, training organizations or public institutions, Axelor’s ERP can support and manage the business processes of all companies by responding flexibly to emerging needs, such as:

  • Employee management for Human Resources;
  • Sales and contract management for the Commerce division;
  • Purchasing and inventory management for the Logistics division;
  • Accounting and invoicing for the Finance division;
  • Project and document management for collaborators;
  • Etc.

To find out more about this Open Source hybrid platform that combines ERP and BPM Low-code/No-code, make an appointment with Axelor.

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