the winning mix of Renzo Arbore-

from Aldo Grasso

He has just turned 85 and is one of the rare TV personalities that everyone has praised

A few days late (at the first free space) we too celebrate the first 85 years of Renzo Arbore. Rai has already done it with several appointments, from Techetechete ‘ a The other Sunday essential. What more can be said about Arbore, one of the very rare television characters that everyone has praised?

Perhaps we should have insisted more on his role of talent scouts (when the talents did not exist and it was necessary to have uncommon talent as a scout). Perhaps we should have emphasized more strongly his ability to draw the best from people (after him only Fiorello has this magical gift): one of his greatest merits, in fact, was that of having always recreated in his programs (and in his orchestra) a friendly atmosphere, of complicity: we laugh, we joke, we indulge in word games, double entenders, to a repertoire of variety theater. His intuition and his fundamental good taste have allowed him to cross unscathed any kitsch excess, producing ironic effects, generating masks and catchphrases that have spread beyond the cathode boundaries to enter the common language.

We have written it many times but it is important to repeat it: the originality of his proposal always consisted in the contamination between strong cliches and improvisation, between different genres and a vivid tradition of variety, between professionalism and amateurism (or rather, a professionalism that takes pleasure in being amateurish, almost goliardic). Arbore has made music and TV knowing that they are also radio, cinema, theater.

His programs and concerts still live today of splinters that revolve around his polite and enticing presence: games, parodies, sketches, characters do not add up to cancel each other out, but collide to light up. The jam-session has always been the matrix of his broadcasts, where preparation and improvisation intertwine and sublimate each other.

June 26, 2022 (change June 26, 2022 | 9:06 pm)