Business The winter tourist season cools in Spain

The winter tourist season cools in Spain


You might think that the activist's philosophy Greta Thunberg It has conquered the Spaniards if we attend to the trends that travel agencies and different experts of the sector handle for the winter season. In the coming months, everything points to the Spaniards going to travel less than the previous year. Reservations for Christmas They have a lag of three percentage points compared to last year. A decline is also expected for the holidays of Easter week next April. Reservations will fall more on sun and beach destinations, especially on the islands. There will be less movement within the Peninsula and even the most urban rural tourism will suffer. Meanwhile, the only projection that improves is the destination of natural spaces. This is confirmed by the data of the fourth season report of the National Issuer Tourism Observatory (ObservaTUR), presented last Friday by this organization formed by companies such as Amadeus Spain, Carrefour, Iberia, Renfe-SCNF, Confebus wave National Association of Travel Agencies (ONE V), among other.

The greatest pessimism regarding the trips of the Spaniards looms over international departures. According to the report, the number of agencies that have a pessimistic view on the evolution of these types of trips compared to those who make optimistic forecasts is increased by eleven percentage points. The agencies also provide that Spaniards hire fewer trips to European capitals and circuits and make fewer long-distance trips. But, above all, there are negative projections regarding adventure travel. Only the Caribbean It shows a positive trend, although also lower than last year.

The effect of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook has remained in a blow more than anything sentimental

That the Spaniards are parking the plane to connect with nature does not seem to be so linked to the movement flight shaming (embarrassment of flying) that is flying young Swedish activist as it might seem. And, while 83% of travel agents are convinced that sustainability is quite or very important for their business, this awareness is still more a trend than a reality. "The concern for sustainability and the environment would not have yet sufficiently penetrated customers, in response to the demands they make in their visits to agencies," the report notes. As proof of the above, the demand for cruises is at levels similar to those of a year ago, despite being one of the ways of doing tourism criticized for its environmental and social impact.

What slows the tourist activity of the Spaniards is nothing more than the pocket. "The economic crisis and political uncertainty are behind the slowdown symptoms we have detected in the sector," he says. Marcos Franco, founder of the consultant Restart and spokesperson for ObservaTUR. Even so, instead of abandoning pessimism, the sector is confident that the bump will pass soon. “The vision we all have is that we will have an activity in 2020 much lower than in previous years. But what nobody doubts is that the culture of the trip has come to stay. And that every time we dedicate a greater percentage of our budget to travel. Although in difficult times those trips are shorter, as will happen in 2020, ”he says Adolfo
Garcia, agency and sales director of Iberia.

The optimism of the experts is also imposed by taking stock of the impact that the bankruptcy of the historic British tour operator Thomas Cook, has had in Spain. Of the ugly omens that matched him to the bankruptcy of Lehman brothers In September 2008, moderation was passed in just over two months. “He has been hit, more than anything, sentimental. All routes are being covered by other operators, and the total impact will be absorbed soon, ”according to Carlos Garrido, president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies.

Of course, the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook has been a touch of attention for the sector that works to adapt to the growing demand for customization now demanded by customers, together with complementary activities beyond accommodation or food.


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