The withdrawal of 100% of the funds from the AFPs advances in the Peruvian congress

The issue of the withdrawal of funds from the AFPs in the midst of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus has not been exclusive to Chile. In Peru it has also been addressed and much earlier than in our country.

While in Chile the payment of the withdrawal of 10% of the funds has just begun, in the neighboring country 25% of the funds of the affiliates has already been withdrawn and now another bill is debated in congress to authorize the withdrawal of 100% of AFP funds.

In fact, the initiative has already been approved by the consumer defense commission and now the only thing missing is a vote in the room for the initiative to become law.

According to the project, it is stipulated that those who choose to withdraw all their money from the pension administrators must receive 34% of the money within 10 days of submitting the application. 33% within 90 days of the request and the last 33% within 90 days after the payment of the second installment.


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