“the wolf should no longer be a protected animal”

“Let’s stop considering the wolf as a protected animal!” This is the request of a delegation of sheep breeders from the Côte-d’Or received in the prefecture of Côte-d’Or this Friday, October 15. About twenty of them came to assemble in the streets of Dijon. They ask more means and more rights to fight against this predator which settles in Burgundy. Impossible to hunt it, it is an animal protected at European level. According to the FDSEA union, the wolf has eaten 230 sheep in our department since 2013, including 179 this year alone. A figure confirmed by the Chamber of Agriculture of Côte-d’Or.

“We must give the hunters the right to shoot the wolf as they can for the boar” explains Eloi Mony. This young 24-year-old breeder suffered two wolf attacks which cost him 9 sheep at the start of the year, in Francheville, north of Dijon. “We may alert the public authorities, nothing happens. The diagnosis is made very late, and the regulatory firing is decided when the damage is already done. We saw no one. So, what is happening. We are the only ones who have to guard the herds 24 hours a day, but we are not machines, we are men, we can no longer cope. We will end up throwing in the towel, me the first.”

The breeders called out to passers-by
The breeders called out to passers-by © Radio France
Olivier Estran

In Côte-d’Or, there are 200 sheep breeders with more than 50 animals in their herd. There are also plenty of farms that have sheep to supplement their activity. This makes a total of 41,500 sheep and ewes, most of which stay in the meadows 11 out of 12 months. Quality breeding defended by Claire Dubrut, in Dampierre-en-Montagne, near Vitteaux. “We don’t want to end up like in the Alps where the farms are under pressure from packs of wolves and have to surround themselves with Patou dogs. We also know that the screens are ineffective. Even electrified, the wolf manages to cross them. “

“We must also take into account the stress of animals” complete Eloi Mony. “In addition to the sheep killed, I lost about fifty lambs because the sheep aborted for fear of the predator. There are indirect consequences which are not immediately visible, but which weigh heavily.”

For breeders, it is now impossible to leave animals in the meadow without danger
For breeders, it is now impossible to leave animals in the meadow without danger © Radio France
Olivier Estran

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