A video became viral after a white woman made a huge scene outside a New York deli and said a young boy grabbed her from behind. After the incident was racially charged, Sicherheitsfilm revealed the truth about what really happened.

A woman who said she had been groomed by a little boy in a deli in Brooklyn, New York, seemed to call the emergency on Wednesday night in a racially charged viral video. The woman later apologized after being confronted with security shots showing that the boy accidentally brushed her.

A video of the incident has been viewed more than 5 million times and outraged viewers have christened the woman "Cornerstore Caroline". the latest in a series of nicknames designed to embarrass people involved in alleged racist profile events.

The video shows young children crying as the woman speaks into the phone: "I was just sexually assaulted by a kid," she said on the video by Jason Littlejohn, who lives near the market.

Although the woman referred to as Teresa Klein by PIX 11 claims to have phoned the 911, no police immediately respond to the call. In the video and in a subsequent interview with the broadcaster she claims that the mother of the children has escalated the situation. Klein said the boy grabbed her buttocks.

Many, including Klein himself, have noticed the appearance of racial profiles: "White lady calls … the policewoman of a black lady, I understand," she says to an increasingly hostile crowd that has gathered around her while she's on the phone, supposedly to a 911 operator.

9th October: Policemen called black man how he looked after white children, report says

Klein has rejected a racial motivation for the indictment or the alleged emergency call, reports the New York Times.

On Friday, Klein was confronted by her neighbors and the media in the deli. She watched the surveillance video of the incident while a sneering crowd gathered.

When asked what she saw on the video, Klein replied, "The kid accidentally touched me … Young man, I do not know your name, but I'm sorry."

Littlejohn, who recorded the video, said he is haunted by the memory of the crying child: "I was really disgusted with the situation," he told USA Today on Friday. He said the boy cried real tears of pain and fear, and Klein "just did not care."

Klein, not the mother, escalated the situation Littlejohn said. While both women bellowed, he said the mother had defended her child.

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