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Home World The woman of the day Loujain Al Hathloul Saudi human rights activist

The woman of the day Loujain Al Hathloul Saudi human rights activist

Electrocution, threats, sexual harassment, lashes … according to Amnesty International, this is the prison daily of Loujain Al Hathloul, who has been in prison for nine months in a prison in Riyadh. The crime of this Saudi girl of 29 years? To have dared to denounce the patriarchy that governs women's lives in the Salafist kingdom. Wednesday, her trial and that of nine other women's rights activists opened in a criminal court in Riyadh, shining the spotlight on a country still stained with the blood of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, dismembered in the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul . During this trial banned journalists, the judge did not specify the charges against the detainees. NGOs say they would be under the law against cybercrime and that the court would accuse them of contacting "hostile entities" … include organizations fighting for human rights. In truth, their "crime" is to have signed, in 2016, an online petition demanding the repeal of male tutoring which, from birth to death, imposes on every woman the authority of a man. Being a "recidivist" in the matter, Loujain Al Hathloul will have more to fear than his accomplices. In 2014, she had already suffered 73 days of imprisonment for driving a car before the law (in 2018) allowed women to do so. Between these two incarcerations, she fled her country and pursued studies in Canada, then at the Sorbonne … without ever ceasing to fight for the rights of women.


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