The woman who married herself because she met someone else wants to divorce

Shortly after three months of marriage, Cris Galera is getting ready to divorce. The 33-year-old Brazilian model went to herself in September, meaning she would now become herself on her own.

Chris Guys he says he was insecure all his life, he was afraid of being left alone, he always wanted to belong to someone he could rely on. When, recently, she was in fact a strong and independent woman who was doing well on her own, she decided to deserve a little celebration, writes the British tabloid Daily Star.

Galera arranged a symbolic wedding on which she married herself. She chose a bold wedding dress that highlighted, as she puts it, her most pleasing body parts, her breasts.

The Brazilian model says she has been happily married for nearly three months, but in the meantime she has met someone she is starting to fall in love with, so she is divorcing. She says she admits that her story seems weird, gets enough criticism for it on social portals, but doesn’t address the opinions of others, she focuses more on her own happiness.


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