The women’s weevil wins eight consecutive victories, Jiangsu Changzhou Puyuemanchen team firmly ranks second_Stage_Competition_Li Qin

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Original title: Women’s Weevil wins eight consecutive victories in Jiangsu Changzhou Puryuemanchen team and ranks second

On the evening of March 7th, the “Lechang Peach Blossom Cup” National Chess Women’s League A ended the 14th round of the second stage of the tournament system. The Jiangsu Changzhou Puryuemanchen team defeated the Guangdong team 6-0 and secured the second place. At the same time, they are closely chasing the top Hebei team.

This season, the women’s weevil is divided into two stages. The first stage was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong in August last year. The second stage was originally scheduled to be held in Lechang, Guangdong in November last year, but was postponed to March this year due to the epidemic. held. On March 1, the second stage of the women’s weevil competition officially kicked off.

In the second stage of the competition, the Jiangsu Changzhou Puyue Manchen team was in very good condition. They defeated Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chengdu teams twice in a row and won 6 consecutive victories. In the 13th round on March 6, the Jiangsu team encountered the Beijing team. Li Qin, Jiangsu’s No. 2 killer, gained an advantage in layout. Although Yan Zixi abandoned his cart and cut his horse to make a rescue, Li Qin was relentless and immediately overwhelmed the opponent’s position, taking the lead in just 24 rounds. Immediately afterwards, Zuo Wenjing of the Jiangsu team gave up first and then took the slasher to seize the position, and then beat Gu Shaoyin with the second hand; Dong Yunan of the Jiangsu team also defeated Liu Huan in the fast chess game. 6 to 0, the Jiangsu team won a wave of seven consecutive victories in Lechang, firmly occupying the second place in the standings.

On March 7, Jiangsu Changzhou Puryuemanchen team encountered the host Guangdong team led by super master Chen Xinglin. The three musketeers of the Jiangsu team broke out and swept the opponent 6-0 again, in a hot state. The first to make a good start for the Jiangsu team was Dong Yunan, the winner of the Gaogang Cup, and she is also a post-00. Her opponent, Lai Kunlin, made a major mistake in the layout stage, and was eager to counterattack when she was not able to gain a firm foothold. Zuo Wenjing of the Jiangsu team played against Shi Fenglan. Although they had gained a certain advantage in the slow chess stage, they were finally defeated by Shi Fenglan. In the extra game of rapid chess, Zuo Wenjing attacked fiercely and won the piece. Chen Xinglin and Li Qin of the Jiangsu team also fought to the rapid chess stage. Li Qin, who was in the second hand, did not show weakness in the face of a strong opponent, forcibly captured a phase, and attacked aggressively. Chen Xinglin used chariots and artillery to attack, but because of her slow speed, she was defeated by Li Qin twice in a row.

After defeating Guangdong, the Jiangsu team has won eight consecutive victories and maintained a complete victory in the second stage of the league. Zhang Guofeng, the head coach of the Jiangsu Women’s Chess Team, believes that there are two reasons why the Jiangsu team performed well in the second stage. First, the three main players are in good condition, which makes the team have no shortcomings. They all entered the top ten in the personal standings, and they are the team with the strongest lethality and the most balanced strength. Zhang Guofeng said: “A total of 10 women’s weevil teams participated in this season, and the competition system has also changed a lot compared with previous years. On the one hand, the number of duels in each game has changed from 2 in the past to 3, which tested the teams. The thickness of the lineup; on the other hand, the outcome of each game must be determined. If the slow game draws, the fast game will be added, and if there is a tie, the fast game will continue. The team wins. The change of the competition system requires the team to be more balanced, and there must be no obvious shortcomings.”

Wu Jiaming, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Chess and Cards Sports Management Center, watched the players’ games

In addition, the Jiangsu team’s preparation and support work is also very good. Zhang Guofeng introduced that before the start of the league, the Jiangsu women’s team had a closed training camp in Changzhou, during which they invited Jiangsu men’s masters as a training partner; after the start of the league, the team sometimes held internal analysis meetings to brainstorm ideas for each match, and all of these were achieved. Significant effect. The Jiangsu Chess and Cards Sports Management Center is also very concerned about the Jiangsu team. Wu Jiaming, the deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Chess and Cards Sports Management Center, came to Guangdong to supervise the battle in person. While encouraging the players, he also helped the team solve all worries.

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