“The work has only just begun”

Charles Bonix, coach of the football section of the New Club

On the bench of the New Club, which he took over at the start of the season, Charles Bonix validated, one day before the end of the championship, the ticket of the petty-bourgeois club in Regional 1.

After having succeeded in accession with the Réveil Sportif, the Eclair, the Colonial Club you manage to reoffend with the New Club. What is your secret after all?

It’s simply the work that pays off, we had a very difficult start to the season and we rectified the situation with the staff. I take this opportunity to take my hat off to the staff who have been with me for a few years. We are happy because it was not easy, especially with the Covid-19. But we are proud tonight…

France-Antilles Martinique
665 mots – 03.06.2022