More than 500 footballers will meet in Mexico City, days later, to participate in the World Cup for the Displaced, and will be held weeks after the departure of partner founder Harald Schmid for 50 years.

The Austrian man, who has been suffering from SDS two years ago, created the tournament with his friend Mel Yang 20 years ago to improve the lives of the homeless through this game.

The first edition was held in the hometown of Schmid Bjratz, 2003, and the owners won the title before becoming an annual tournament.

More than 40 countries are now participating, with 400 matches. Each team consists of four players in a single week of football events, supported by the European Union and the Association of Professional Players.

Two competitions, the first for men and mixed competitions, and the other for women with the participation of 48 teams in Mexico, during the period from 13 to 18 November.

Despite organizers' expectations of 200,000 spectators and millions of online follow-ups, the sadness over Schmid's death still casts its shadow.

"He was a loved one and a great friend," Yang told Reuters via e-mail.

"He definitely loved football. He was aware of its power. "

Brazil have three titles, the record holder, and Mexico will try to equalize and compensate for their loss in the final of 2012 at home 8/5 against Chile.



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