The world exceeds 4.5 million infections

ThepandemicThe new coronavirus originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan exceeds has left more than 307,000 fatalities and more than 4.5 million people infected worldwide, according to the latest balance from Johns Hopkins University.

According to the data updated at 8.20 am this Saturday, andl global balanceof the coronavirus amounts to 4,543,297 cases and 307,705 fatalities in 188 countries and territories.

The total number of people recovered amounts to 1.63 million,United Statesat the top of the list, with 250,727 recoveries, followed by Germany, with 151,597 patients saved, and Spain, with 144,783.

In a week in which I had registered less than20,000 cases dailyFor two consecutive days, the United States has added 25,100 cases in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 1.44 million infected people and 87,568 fatalities.

After overtaking Spain this week,RussiaIt remains the second most affected country in the world by number of cases, with 262,843 and 2,418 deaths. Despite being the second country with the most cases of coronavirus, Russia has the lowest number of fatalities of all the countries that accumulate more than 100,000 infections.

United KingdomIt has been ranked as the third country by number of cases and the second by number of fatalities, with 238,004 infections and 34,078 deaths.

Spain is relegated to fourth position, with 230,183 cases and 27,459 deaths, followed byItaly, which accumulates 223,885 infections and 31,610 deaths from COVID-19.

Brazil exceeds 200,000 cases

In sixth position, Brazil accumulates 220,291 positives and 14,962 fatalities. For his part,Franceit registers 179,630 infected people and 27,532 deaths, while Germany accumulates 175,233 positives and 7,897 deaths.

In the ninth position,TurkeyRegisters 146,457 coronavirus cases and 4,055 deaths, followed by Iran, with 116,635 positives and 6,902 deaths.

India and Peru have advancedChinain number of cases. The Indian Government has already confirmed 85,940 infections and 2,753. The Andean country, for its part, already estimates the affected and the deceased at 84,495, at 2,392. China registers 84,038 cases and 4,637 deaths.

Next on the list isCanada, with 75,963 cases and 5,680 fatalities, followed by Belgium, which has 54,644 people with coronavirus and 8,959 deaths from COVID-19.

Above 40,000 infections areSaudi Arabia, Mexico and the Netherlands, while Chile, Pakistan, Ecuador and Switzerland exceed 30,000 cases. Qatar, Sweden, Portugal, Belarus, Singapore, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh already number more than 20,000.

Poland, Ukraine, Israel, Indonesia, Romania, Japan, Austria, Colombia, South Africa, Kuwait, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, South Korea, Denmark, and Serbia exceed the10,000 infections.

Above the threshold of 9,000 positives isPanamawhile the Czech Republic and Norway have more than 8,000 people with coronavirus. Argentina and Australia have more than 7,000 positives and Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Finland and Afghanistan exceed 6,000. Withmore than 5,000 casesthere is Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ghana and Nigeria.


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