The world has gone mad? Director Fear of film bans. And then he trained a journalist. Where are the other sexes? he asked

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Due to protests against racism, films criticized for racism are disappearing from the menu. Recently, the American server Variety also called Forrest Gump a problematic film. The Czech director and actor Jiří Strach is terrified of such censorship: “If Forrest Gump is an incorrect film, then the world has really gone crazy,” he said in an interview with Novinky, where he also touched on gender issues.

The world has gone mad?  Director Fear of film bans.  And then he trained a journalist.  Where are the other sexes?  he asked
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Caption: Director Jiří Strach

In connection with the censorship of American films, Jiří Strach was reminded of his recent tweet, where he mentioned the Czech fairy-tale comedy Angel of the Lord, which he directed: “It’s high time to talk about Czech films. For example, in AP, God is portrayed as white! It’s as disgusting as I could ?! ”he wrote. However, he believes that people were able to sense the “kind irony” with which he was written in his words.

From the Angel of the Lord, he turned to “problem films” in America. He is very surprised that, for example, the American server Variety labeled Forrest Gump this way. “If the prestigious Variety magazine, which is read by everyone in the industry, begins to compile a list of so-called incorrect films for today, it will add Forrest Gump to the list, then I have a feeling that the world has really gone crazy. And not only with us, “said Fear.

She can’t imagine a presenter standing in front of certain films marked in this way and explaining how to look ideologically, for example, at the film South vs. North, so that people can understand it correctly. “So I feel like we’re going back to before 1989. Until the mirrors of the bourgeois rotten society were being set up …,” the director added.


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“We turned off the keys to this, please. We are back to the principle I was talking about. To have someone tell me what to (not) think? Where are we? At what times? Is it really 2020? ”Fear continued in disbelief.

According to him, there is no consolation that this is only happening in America. “America is our main ally. A model of democracy from which things flow smoothly to us. They start dripping towards us, we tend to blindly copy them, “he recalls. In the past, film censorship was absolutely unthinkable in the United States. He is said to be losing this imaginary pattern himself now. “It’s falling into a realm I don’t understand, I can’t grab it,” he said.

He also touched on the issue of gender, which has also resonated in America for a long time. The editor who conducted the interview noted that she had read about Strach that he rejected gender, same-sex marriage, and the Istanbul Convention. But the opposite is said to be true: “This is definitely a mistake. I was one of the first to sign the petition for the possibility of concluding registered volumes in the Czech Republic … and this is exactly how labeling people in public space is created. The information circulating online may not be true, “said the director.

Although she doesn’t feel like a great expert on contracts and conventions, in a coffee shop where they talked together, he invited the editor to play a game in which she would show her people walking on the sidewalk, and she would answer whether she was a man or a man. woman.

The editor simply correctly distinguished between women and men. Then Fear told her, “Where are the other sexes? It is already written in Scripture: God created man as man and woman. What’s wrong with that? We have just proved that we see the difference between the sexes at first glance: there are two, “he stated.

He concluded by saying that he would not like to bother anyone with this approach. He explained that he tended to oppose similar artificial pressures, which in his opinion tended to “introduce the world elsewhere than how the Lord God created it and what it wanted it to be.”

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