the worst is made public

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Clara Chía is the current girlfriend of Gerard Piqué that he has a secret relationship with Messi, the worst has been made public. Chía is a Barcelonan through and through who lives in the upper area of ​​the city with her family. Her father is a well-known businessman who has wanted her children to have the best, a very careful education has made Clara Chía study in a place very frequented by Leo Messi. This is what you have in common with this soccer player.

What Messi and Clara Chía have in common is made public

Leo Messi has lived many years in Barcelona. He came to the city as a child from his native Argentina. The club gave him a place to live, studies and a future linked to the world of football. Thanks to the decision to come to Spain, he has become a wealthy man, the father of three children and a lover of the city that welcomed him.

Although he currently lives in Paris, He still has his house in Barcelona. Her three children were born in this city and have attended a school that will sound like Clara Chía. Piqué’s girlfriend was also a student at this center, so she has something more in common with Messi than meets the eye, an excellent education.

Clara Chía’s parents both studied law, just like Gerard Piqué’s father and for this reason they wanted their daughter to receive the best education possible. The same school that Messi chose and the one that is considered the best in this city. Chía studies public relations and came to Kosmos, Piqué’s company where his mother also works, as an intern.

The relationship was very well seen by both families that represents the elite of Barcelona. They grew up almost together, a few years apart. Clara Chía is 23 years old, 22 less than Shakira and 11 less than her partner Gerard Piqué. Both have lived these months with great media pressure that has exploded with Shakira’s new song.

In it, the Colombian singer has not hesitated to throw darts against this couple who have had to come out with a great sense of humor. Especially Gerard Piqué who has appeared with a Casio or a Twingo in reference to his new partner.

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