The worst of the celebrities is not out yet! – Saudi News

Whoever thinks that society has expelled all the vomit and pus inside it through social applications, especially the “Tik Tok” application, it is very important, and the worst is yet to come.

The damned camera continues to penetrate deep into societies, conveying to us the worst habits, revealing details that are supposed to be hidden from strangers, and displaying the most dangerous, even the most accurate, most private and intimate secrets, from home bathrooms to closed bedrooms.

There will come a day soon when the “degraded and the downtrodden” of the unsuccessful, the unknown, the prison graduates, the addicts, the smugglers and the criminals will dare to transfer their experiences and their lives to the public, and we will have mercy on the class on the communication platforms today.

Weeks ago, I saw a clip of “Badr Saleh”, a YouTube celebrity since 2010, criticizing the “rash” that emerged on the skin of the community of the new social celebrities, and he started saying about them what we used to say about himself: How did these people become famous and how they have the right to be in Media front, today Badr drinks from the same cup.

For decades we have been putting in our homes two doors, one for the guests and the other for the family, in order to feel a privacy that we may have exaggerated, and if the cameras enter not only the guest boards, but reach the underwear wardrobe inside the rooms, where they display details and dialogues that a sane person is ashamed to see in the homes of others.

The issue is not displaying bodies and stripping themselves, as many confine themselves to it, but rather it is more dangerous and deeper than that. It is a rapid and horrific social collapse, a collapse of the store of values ​​that preserve the cohesion and cohesion of families and local communities, and then the large community without a convincing reason. Poverty is not justified, nor the search for fame, not even temptation. The camera and the hibernation in front of it is acceptable.

Education and insisting on it was and still is the first commandment of religions, prophets and philosophers to reach social hierarchy and move from class to class, because it is the only way that is able to differentiate between an educated person and a person of reason and wisdom who will take a position or a platform one day through which he will manage people’s lives, or a doctor who treats patients, or A teacher who teaches students, or an engineer who builds homes and roads, but for a camera that does not take 30 seconds to be an imaginary ladder that puts the unworthy in a place that is not worthy of him or the nation to which he belongs, this is an unknown fate and a descent to an unresolved bottom.

I understand that talented people have the right to appear, and I understand that specialists, historians and knowledgeable people can find an additional platform through which to transmit their sciences and experiences, but I cannot understand that a husband and wife, a father and his family, a mother and her daughters, or even individuals without understanding or limit come out. The lowest of whatever value they possess is open in search of quick and easy money only because they are tired of life’s ways of making a living.

I remember a popular saying by a student of Egyptian society following the Arab Fall protests that swept Egypt in 2010, in which he says: The bottom has exploded and people we do not know and do not know us, we do not resemble them and they do not resemble us, have become the rulers of our lives, they own the street and the decision, raise their voices and control our destiny. It was as if a dam like it had exploded on us, exposing the faults and dropping values ​​and slogans.

We must not accept that the search for money and quick riches is an excuse, because surrendering to the temptation of money will drive society to savagery. The flashes of fame quickly extinguish, and to keep it, more concessions and sacrifices must be made one after the other.

In addition, poverty or need is not a justification for revealing and “going low” – as Abdul Rahman al-Kawakibi says – through social applications. Our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers lived on poverty, hunger, and lack of hands in the arid Arabian Peninsula with no resources, and they did not lose their dignity, values, or honor. They were an example in honoring Arabism and religion.

They used to tie stones to their stomachs from hunger and lack of provisions, and toil day and night in their fields and valleys, holding together, not a single value was destroyed by their hands. On us and our children and our families, and more than we can bear.