Green Lantern's special effects are just … unfortunate. While it's plain to see a lot of effort went into the CGI in each and every scene of this movie, the results are not up to snuff with what's expected of a superhero blockbuster with a budget of $ 200 million. The final product has all sorts of problems, but the effects might be the most inescapable.

Where did the visual direction go wrong? Hal Jordan's suit entirely CGI? Or what about the actual development of the suit itself? We may never know the gritty details, but whatever the reason, Green Lantern's iconic costume looks like it's made out of skin-tight, moderately moist Jell-O. That sentiment applies two-fold to Hal's mask, which always looks a little too glossy for its own good.

Of course, Hal's suit is not the worst offender. In fact, it's probably one of the movie's visual highlights. That's because it's often shared with the likes of Kilowog and Parallax, characters CGI is unbelievable at best, atrocious at worst. Kilowog looks like a video game pig, and parallax … well, he's a big poop cloud. It would be nice if there was a better way to do that, but there is not. Given that it's a well-rendered poop cloud, though, it's likely that this flick's underwhelming CGI might just have faithfully been recreating some bad ideas and designs that have been ironed out early in Green Lantern's development.


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