It is not for personal fact if Tria has wanted to explain to Di Maio that the muscle tests instead of producing political results provoke economic costs. Because it was enough an unofficial note of the grillini against the holder of Via XX Settembre to raise the spread without putting the tension inside M5S. The problem of Vice Prime Minister cinquestelle is clear to the whole government: as an authoritative Northern League minister explains, "to overcome internal pressure, in the maneuver Di Maio something heavy, that is the income of citizenship, must be registered. But there are spending limits ». And it is within those "limits" that the holder of via XX Settembre is trying to find a solution for the upward demands of both the majority forces.

The fact is that the day before yesterday his words were interpreted by the grillini as a high point to their desired. And this was added to the irritation dictated by the fact that – after agreeing to tone down to quiet the markets – they saw Tria «encroaching» from his skills, and take a position in favor of Tav and Tap. For Di Maio – who must already manage the discontent for the revival of Ilva – it was a "hostile" act, carried out by a minister who "has no political role", and therefore can not intervene on matters "not within his competence" .

Hence the media retaliation taken yesterday at lunchtime, a veritable anonymous ultimatum of the grillini with which the owner of the Economy was asked to "put ten billion in maneuver for the income of citizenship" or to pack, because otherwise it would have been the Movement to "ask for his resignation". Who has armed his little hand is not known. Of course, before Tria reacted they had already reacted the stock market (down) and the spread (uphill). Lunch of the ruined minister, communications with the outside interrupted by his staff. Reason? "He's furious."

Then the decision to clarify with the head of the Cinquestelle, as well as warn Count. Because the point for the head of the economy is not (only) seen transformed into a "scapegoat", sacrificed on the altar of political controversy: the theme is that at this stage "a message is worth as much as a decree", and its impact is seen «by the effect that determines». In fact, as the note denied, the Exchange recovered and the spread cooled. While the tension in the government has remained unchanged.

Be clear, nobody imagines or prefigures crisis scenarios. Rather. Salvini realizes the internal problems of the ally and to facilitate it moves on a double track: he continues to practice pressing for his "titles" in the maneuver but also takes care not to offer pretexts to the movementist grillmaker, to avoid that sink the blow on the other vice premier. «We will see how it will hold».

The leader of the League works in short because Di Maio overcomes the difficulties: there is proof, if it is true that Salvini has "swallowed the toad" Di Battista, avoiding to enter into open controversy with him, and thus meeting the request of the government colleague, who asked for "understanding" after the television interview of his alter ego. The Northern League ministers believe that "in Di Maio there are those who want to have a party". And beyond the curtain stretched out by the media machine grillina, it is clear that inside M5S more than one thing does not work: on the other hand, when in a political force you start talking about "phase two", it is the symptom of a marked difficulty .

The Stability Law is the determining test bed, and the friction between ministers is basically a constant: there has not been a Budget without the head of the Economy not finished in the meat grinder. The new fact is that Tria, in the eyes of those who know him and attends him, today seems pervaded by a strong spirit of initiative: after three months of government has acquired awareness of the role, speaks in public without reticence, even asks to go to tivvù .

That cosmic pessimist of Giorgetti sees the bad habit and he does not lose a meeting to say that "everything is bad", that "we are on the brink of the abyss". We do not know why he believes in it, out of superstition, or "by character", as his Northern League friends say. But as soon as he is pinched by the press, the undersecretary of the Presidency retracts: "It's all right here. The climate is frank and constructive. Indeed constructive and frank ". Especially frank ...

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