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The X Factor Movie Week song selection has been revealed

It's film week for The x factor and the tracks selected today (10th November) have been confirmed.

Last week's show did not go very smoothly, with a massive audio problem completely ruining some of the performances. Not to mention that the Halloween theme is poorly matched and raise many eyebrows.

Let's hope that these cinematic inspirations can breathe new life into competition.


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First, we have the songs selected by Bella Penfold, Scarlett Lee, and Shan Ako.

Bella will be the audience with & # 39; A Million Dreams & # 39; excite The biggest showmanOnly she will play Pink's version. Shan also takes a song from Hugh Jackman's very popular musical entitled & # 39; Never Enough & # 39; with, and Scarlett gives "I Never Never Again & # 39; from the soundtrack to the Oscar tip A star Is Born.

In the two groups, Acacia and Aaliyah will perform the classic Surinivor by Destiny's Child, featured in this year's video game adaptation of Grave robbers, Misunderstanders have chosen "Maniac" from the 1983s Flashdance,

Daniel Tetley of X Factor


In the meantime, the seemingly damned Danny Tetley – who had been hit by TWICE's technical flaws – will immerse himself in Celine Dions Titanic Jewel, "My heart will go on". Overs' other candidate, Giovanni Spano, is the third vocalist to be ripped off The biggest showmanbecause he will perform "The Greatest Show".

Louis Tomlinson's Boys have not disappointed their choices. The scouser Anthony Russell wanted to beat punches with Survivor's Rocky Classics "Eye of the Tiger" and Brendan Murray performing REM's "Everybody Hurts".

Let's not forget it The x factorThe current favorite, Dalton Harris, is the winner who wants to show his pipes with his version of "California Dreaming" by Sia San Andreas,

The x factor Tonight (November 10), the film week continues at 20:35 on ITV.

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