The X-factor was affected by technical difficulties (Image: ITV)

The X-Factor crashed into chaos during the pre-recorded Fright Night installation as sound problems plagued the show.

When Ayda Field introduced Danny to Tetley, a cracking robot took over the show.

While viewers thought this was part of the Halloween show, they were confused when the sound problems were transferred to Danny's performance.

Should they sound like robots? #XFactor, "one commented.

Is there a problem with the sound? #XFactor, "wrote another.

"Well, this sound problem will be a nightmare. #XFactor, "said a third party.

The X-factor was affected by technical difficulties (Image: ITV)

On the screen came a message from X Factor bosses saying, "We apologize for the temporary disruption of the sound."

Others, however, made the mistake unfair to Danny.

"So mad at xfactor," wrote a spectator. "If they knew there was a sound problem, they should not let Danny sing while they have this problem." Not fair at all !! #X factor. & # 39;

"Poor Danny, this interference is unfair and could possibly violate him if it comes to a vote! #XFactor, "answered an ffith.

While a sixth was added, "You have to let the poor Danny song back, that's not a fair # x factor."


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