That has never happened.

The X factor The poll was canceled last night after the show was hit by a rather poor technical defect during the appearance of Danny Tetley.

Danny played Queen's Who For Live Forever when a mistake made his voice sound robotic.

A message appeared on the screen telling viewers: "We apologize for the temporary disruption of the sound".

The decision was then made to cancel the vote on Saturday night, which met with mixed reactions.

The technical problem started at 21:15 and lasted more than 10 minutes.

An ITV spokesman said:

"We apologize for the technical problem that has affected the sound of part of The X Factor tonight and we are investigating why this happened."

"We can confirm that the public vote was canceled tonight and will be opened tomorrow at 20.30 on ITV."

In principle, fans can vote for their favorite candidate tonight.

Suppose the sound problem has been fixed …



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