The Xiaomi lamp for the monitor is the Black Friday 2021 deal

There are products that do not consider themselves essential until they are trial. There are products that are never bought until they are at discounted price. In both cases, these definitions fit perfectly when we talk about Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar, a “monitor lamp“utility far beyond what one might think.

By monitor lamp we mean a lamp engineered precisely to be positioned on the monitor, exactly in the position where we usually mount a webcam. What will these lamps have in particular? The fact that they manage to light up the keyboard and the work area on the desk, but without creating reflections annoying on the monitor. And without even taking up space on the desk, as normal table lamps do. Plus, if it’s as well made as the Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar, a monitor light can add that little bit of extra light that helps us during evening video calls, preventing the webcam from shooting a completely black face and a bright background.

Xiaomi Monitor Light Bar: how it’s made

The Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar is a tube-shaped lamp, from compact size: 45 × 2.3 × 2.3cm. This tube, which contains inside the LEDs for lighting and a lens that concentrates the light towards the desk (and not towards the monitor), it mechanically connects to the support which will then be attached to the monitor.

Then there is a 1.2 meter USB cable, for feeding and a small wireless remote control (battery operated) in the shape of a truncated cone that allows us to adjust the intensity of the light emitted and color of the light itself: from warm white to cool white.

It is also possible to slightly rotate the cylinder of the lamp, for direct the light at will and this can help to lighten the face at least a little during video calls, thus obtaining a much better image.

Xiaomi Monitor Light Bar: l’offerta Black Friday

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar has a list price of 49.98 euros, which may seem like a lot but are less than half the price of its direct competitor: the BenQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light, which costs 129 euros.

At the moment, among other things, it is in promotion for the Black Friday and it costs even less: 37.99 euros (-11.99 euros, -24%). It’s time to try it: there is time until January 31, 2022 to return it in case it’s not for us.

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar

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